1 week trip in ontario or quebec

Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me find a location for a 1-2 week trip in northern ontario or quebec. The problem is that I only have one car and need to figure out the shuttle. A chain of lakes (preferably with a river mixed in if possible) would be great. Or some other solution

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


canadian canoe routes
Try the folks at the canadian canoe routes site: www.myccr.com

Ontario trip
Definitely go to Algonquin park. The advice to try the www.myccr.com is right on. I went on a solo trip there about a year and a half ago. There are lots of loop trips to be made there. My only regret: I took my own canoe (heavy). Rental rates are much cheaper in Canada, and you can rent an ultralight canoe with a shuttle from an outfitter (lots in area) for significantly less than in the U.S. Saw 6 moose, several otters, gorgeous scenery, not overly crowded even on a summer weekend. If you email me, I have some web links and maps I could send you.

Wabakimi lies about 5 hours north of Thunder Bay just north of Armstrong. The road to Armstrong is on the west side of Lake Nippigon, north from Hwy. 17. It is actually Ontarios largest park and has many nice routes possible. You can do a circle route, get a float plane drop off and paddle back or get off the train at places and paddle back also. I used to go in mid May and see no one and have no bugs. Bugs arrive like clock work around June 1st. Have seen black bear, moose, wolves, caribu most trips. Some lakes have grandfathered-in lodges (small) so once it warms up you may see some fly-in fishermen. Go early or late in the season and you will be alone though. Give it a look, it is a pretty nice area to visit. If you are interested in some beta on the area give me an e-mail and I’ll try to help you out. BTW… Wabakimi was set aside to protect the Caribu herds in the area and the park has expanded quit a bit over the last 15 years or so.

Check out Temagami
There are outfitter options and many trip options in the Temagami canoe area. Hap Wilson’s book on the area is excellent. If you don’t mind a portage or 2 you can seperate yourself from any boat traffic and there is a good selection of marked campsites.

got a friend up there
lives in burk falls right on the edge of the park. If interisted, e mail me and ill hook you up with him

And have some specifics available. Time of year, your skill level, area preferred. Some of the places mentioned in this thread are a full day of driving away from each other. Wabikimi and Algonquin are long way from each other, both on the map and in style. You say “Ontario or Quebec”. That’s an area about the size of Western Europe. Narrow that action down a bit?

There is no end of cirucuits that don’t require car jockeying.

Canoe rentals are about $30/day. Many outfitters will drop off and pick up right at the put-in, so you don’t have to worry about cartopping.

Chapleau area
Look into the Chapleau -Nemagasenda loop trip. Gorgeous trip downstream Chapleau with some whitewater (portages there)and decent walleye fishing. Return going upstream Nemagasenda a wide slow river and chain of lakes I have map and info I can send you. Also possible to fly canoe to better stretch of river on Chapleau and train out. 7days plus.

Also fly canoe into Little Missinaibi River in Chapleau Game Preserve and paddle out to Miss. Provincial Park where vehicle could be spotted

ontario/quebec trip
I have had wonderful trips with Caribou Expeditions near Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. I’ve been travelling with them since 1998 and will do so again this summer. Owners Mike and Colleen Petzold are tops. They have trips for every level of kayaker, and travel in both northern Ontario and Quebec. Experience North Adventures in Wawa Ontario is also quite good. They also provide shuttles from SSM to wherever the trip is leaving from.

Good Luck and Happy Paddling!


Why not try …
… the Steel River? Put in on Santoy Lake at the very northernmost peak of Lake Superior. Paddle Santoy for an hour, take Killer Portage #1, then go for a week up a chain of long lakes. Take Killer Portage #2 over to the fledgling Steel River and paddle back to Santoy. (Get onto Santoy early in the morning; it gets Really Windy there.)

A rugged trip, yet accesible; a truly awsome experience.

My $0.02.

Steve Baker

New Lenox IL

If you’re interested in the Steel
head over to myccr.com and talk to RHaslam. He’s got all the poop on this river.

The Sanguenay Fjord/St Lawrence near Tadoussac, Quebec is UNREAL. Kayak with Minke, Fin, an occasional Blue whale, lots of Beluga whales, eagles, osprey, sea otters, You get my point?! For sheer majesty of the scenery (1000 ft Granite cliffs plunging to the water), unbelievable wildlife, great conditions in general, this is THE place to go on the east coast. Period!

Algonquin is great but will require some portaging. Want something easier? Try the French River in Ontario. In the shield country with lots of lovely campsites, few portages…

Start near the town of French River, paddle to Georgian Bay and then back to French River via another loop.

canada trip
Check out the Wilderness Canoe Association web site, wildernesscanoe.ca, you can join for $35 and go on one of their multiple trips listed or ask them for help/information


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Quetico is abit like Algonquin only better. bigger, more vast. Algonquin can be a busy place in summer .. the Q is less so since it's abit more out of the way.


i can also second the Steel River loop. yes, the first portage is a bear but worth the huff and puff.

good trip but —
i’ve guided many a trip here. it get’s busy. the platforms are on a reservation basis so get yours in early if you expect to get one.