10-15 mile kayaking trips near Atlanta

headed to atlanta area this weekend for a kayaking trip. would like to go 10-15 miles and camp out overnight. new to all this any suggestions on sites and places to paddle?


Red top mountain
camping and Lake Allatoona for paddling.

What are you looking for
Flat water or white water?

North of Atlanta is Delonaga, the Etowah River.

Applacian Outfitters said they have stopped trips on it because of the water level being low. We just paddled it May 31, it was low but do able. Great trip from Etowah River campground to Castleburry Bridge, about 11-12 miles. From Hwy 9 to Castleburry Bridge there was a lot of rapids, lost count, beautiful scenery, great trip. You really have to pay attention to the water or you will drag a few times, but mostly easy going, the last stretch will wear you out. Also if you do the Etowah look at Applachian Outfitters web site and be familiar with the photos. I say this because the water fall looks like a rapid on approach but you must go to the right or you will take a 10-15 foot drop. You can lower your canoe/yak to other side from portage rock. Great trip.

me too…
I agree, The Etowah is a great trip…did it last Mem Day weekend. They also offer the Chestatee River, not as long, but a great trip too. My group wants to go back this year!

Lake Jocassee is a couple of hours
east of Atlanta and fits your distance and camping needs.