10 characters, Got Guns?

Excellent, spot on and to the point Hatchet Jack.


There are around 300 million guns in the US.
But we suck at guns in this country.

I am sorry for you folks that can’t carry a gun at times when you may truly need one.
I assume you both are in Canada?

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No one, even a soldier in a combat zone needs a firearm, until he does. But when governments decide what we need and when and when people accept that degree of control you have to acknowledge an acceptance of helplessness in the face of not only the crooks, but also the police and courts that will punish you for doing what you should do, and what that they can’t do or won’t do.

I do feel sorry for people born into such systems. They never had the chance to stand against it if the most basic of all human rights, that of self-defenses, was reduced or removed in the days of their fathers.

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Dang…some folks act on raw emotions and don’t think about the next step. An Air gun? What was she thinking? #1 anytime you have a weapon displayed you need to understand it may be used so #2 what’s going to happen next if you use it? It’s not like TV. You can’t shut off the program and go to bed waking up tomorrow in a new day with the TV show not having any effect in you.
People seem to get dumber and dumber as time rolls on. There was a time when Canada and the USA were based in a Christian work and social ethic. But over time the people let government assume the role of Nanny, and thought they could give up responsibility for the actions in a more socialist society. NOPE! All they gave up was control but they are still held responsible or held to blame.
It’s been said: You can vote your way into a police state, but you have to shoot your way out of one.
having a long history of dealing with the fall-out of communist take-overs in many different nations, I’d have to agree. But once disarmed the possibility of shooting your way out vanishes.

Taiwan is learning that lesson now. So is Cuba. And Venezuela. And South Africa. And Zimbabwe. and MANY others. I fear Canada and the USA may be next.

But that has little to do with paddling. At lest it doesn’t until government tells you you can’t do it anymore.


That one person, intoxicated, made a bad mistake/decision for which her fire arms possession should be limited in some manner.

The rest of the Canadian population should not be restricted by the action of someone making a bad decision while intoxicated.

Or, should cars be banned/more regulated? Cars are much more dangerous than guns both in incident related deaths & ecomonic value lost due to damage related incidents. So which is really more dangerous…or is control the real objective with gun restrictions.


You are correct and you make sense. That’s WHY they don’t do it that way.
That would give up some control which the government has gained.

I’m not an old bolt action guy and fals are too heavy for me. The utility of the ak/ar are to be appreciated. I’ve shown people how I can break down an AR and they are amazed. They are also amazed that I can throw a scoped on in the water and not have a care about it.

I’ve never carried a long gun when using feet or water for adventure mainly due to weight and space considerations. I like pistols. But if vehicle/RV camping, I usually add a 590a1 as I always carried one behind my truck seat.

What’s interesting is people used to buy AKs because they couldn’t afford an AR. Now that market is inverted. The SKS was for those that couldn’t afford an AK.

I knew a jarhead officer that during gulf war 2, at a break he had his duties to do but made sure his guys cleaned their weapons. He didn’t clean his as he had a russian AK pickup, so he focused on the other things he had to do . Well, later he got caught in a firefight in which he had to use his 9 because his ak was locked up due to the dust.

You are indeed correct Dago.
And yes, handguns are far easier to carry, but far harder for shooters to master.
So for many who want a gun for emergencies, yet are not into shooting for fun, I always suggest a longarm.

Only hits count. The reason EVERY army in EVERY nation issues rifles instead of handguns is that rifles do EVERYTHING better expect carry easily.

But in the hands of someone that know how to use one well a good handgun is an amazing tool. I have been a avid handgunner for over 50 years and I know what I can do with a good one. So I would agree with you and your choices, but I don’t recommend a handgun as the #1 choice for the “non-shooters”

And also correct in how little care you need to give AKs and ARs. Some yes, but you need not baby them. In wet environments the AK is king. In sand too, but as you said, any auto can choke if they are not cleaned at all.
In the case of both the AR and the AK if you simply wash them out, dry them with a cloth and oil the bores and bolts you can expect them to go 10,000-20,000 rounds without a failure.
I do miss the days when you could buy an AK for $390. They are a LOT higher now.

But when teaching new shooters I do a standard demonstration to show them the reality of their choices.

I use a swinging target of 6" and the swing is only 8 feet side to side. I have them stand at 30 feet (10 yards) with any handgun they like, and at the signal I let go of the target and tell them to hit it 3 times. Fire as many rounds as needed to make 3 hits. Most done make 3 hits, in any amount of firing with a new handgun, but run the mag dry first.
Now I give them a shotgun and an AR with a scope. I repeat the test exactly the same way, but with them firing the long arms. Most make 3 hits in 3-4 shots.

Now. tell them about the misses!

If you are in a town you WILL be held responsible for every bullet you turn loose EVERY SINGLE ONE hits------- something

(or someone)

And the cops and the lawyers will make it bad for you for every one that hits something of value or someone other then the bad guy.

So if you are not going to dedicate yourself to shooting for fun and becoming very proficient with a handgun, get a Shotgun or a Rifle. Handguns are for carrying when you don’t (or can’t) have a rifle.

Randomly, right now I have a gun belt with two single action 45’s (one’s in a cross draw), a 22 pistol and an '06 single shot rifle.
Those are sort of my go to guns and one or more of those would probably be with me on any outdoor adventure unless I just felt like bringing something else specific.

Dcowell–the best gun is the gun you have with you at the time. That’s why I’ve trained so much with pistols as that’d be the firearms I’m most likely to have at any given moment should the need arise.
Crossdraws are the fastest draw IMHO. If I’m riding something, that’s the carry I do, open carry.
For more specific demands, for a “camp gun” I always had a mossberg 590A1. Buckshot is great and a slug will penetrate both vehicle doors and won’t stop until the next county. They’ll also take down a moose.

Man, you missed the good ol days. We used to buy romanian AKs for 165 bucks each if we bought 5. Friend owned a gunstore so he’d call me when he was going to buy some to see if I wanted to get some too in order to reach the 5.

The gun belt in my truck has one regular right hip holster, and my first cross draw on the left. Going to play with it.
I used to shoot about a hundred rounds or so every weekend through my pistol. Haven’t done that in a long time but if I can find primers I want to start that again. That is the ONLY way to be good with a handgun.

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I love it when I can read some comments from people that know, instead of the torrent of comments from people who think they know. It’s refreshing!
You guys are 100% correct in the idea of proficiency. It’s 98% the shooter and 2% what he has. “Any gun will do, if you are up to doing the job with that gun”.
In some types of operations I was trained and then went on to train my men how to go into an area in street clothing (of that area) and gain access to everything they will need to complete the mission from local sources. That is everything from weapons and tools to com-gear, medical gear, and so on. It’s about the man, not the tool.
A hammer, chisels and a saw can beat up a cabinet or they can be used by a skilled craftsman to make a masterpiece.

Guns are tools. Warriors are weapons.
If a man or woman will keep cool and think and remember their training they will come out alive and victorious about 49 times in 50. What you can pick up in your hand is a tool. YOU are the weapon! All weapons can be used when the need arises, but left calm and friendly when there is no need.

If you can’t shoot because of the lack of ammo (or ammo components) DRY FIRE! and do it a LOT. You may not advance your skills as much as you’d like, but a lot of dry-fire keeps you from loosing what you have gained.

And ALWAYS practice situational awareness. In times you are safe and all other times too. Make it a way of being, not just something you switch on when you believe you may need it. There is never a time it hurts you. But there are times you can get hurt if you let it turn off.

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I don’t know where you live, or what kind of enviroment you habitat, but in 64 years, I’ve never needed to be packing. If you’re in the thick of battle( military) that’s different, if you’re a business owner depositing money after a day’s work, if you need to practice that situalional stuff, you’er in the wrong neighborhood 99% of the time…

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you and Dago have brought up alot of discourse here and you both seem proud of it…go away please

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Discourse is what chat forums are made for.

We are all having fun here. It think it’s you who should go away if it bothers you. It’s very easy, You need not do a thing. Just stop doing something. Like maybe…reading what we write (!!!)


I think many her see you as a car wreck…seems like you can’t turn your head… not saying you can’t say what you want here…

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Did you see that guys and gals?

Dago, Mike93lx, ppine, dcowell65, pblank, Varmintmist, 3meterswell, CA139, tdaniel, Patched_up, High_Desert, String, castoff, glichellbob, geraldsweet, magooch, Kayamedic, Dustin_C,
Kayakerjimbo, Tsuga88, raosborne, Hachet_Jack, Kayakhank, …none of them are upset.

Only you. So you yourself are now “many”???

Like maybe “Legion” -----and possibly for the same reason?

Well in all my life I’ve never cashed in on my life insurance.
I’ve never needed my full coverage insurance on my truck either.
The common thread is it’s there if I need it.
I live where wolves or grizzly bears may decide they are hungry and my camp is interesting.
Or like every other person, where some two legged predator could show up and be even more dangerous.
I am prepared. I also happen to enjoy firearms. From flintlock to my modern long range target rifles and all points inbetween. I shoot as often as I can. I also use them as grocery getters or varmint shooters and here in Idaho there is always something in season. Doesn’t matter if it’s an elk that I will be eating for a year or a wolf that will save elk for me to eat. Something is in season. I also don’t ask you or anyone else to pack and don’t walk up to strangers and start pulling out firearms for them to be concerned about so I’m not exactly sure why it would bother you or anyone else.


This is like reading regurgitated Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Guns and Ammo, others ad nauseam.
I did that until somewhere around my 3rd decade. I guess I grew up about then.
I can’t believe the old fat guys writing endlessly about the latest, greatest mega blaster .
Now I see short rifles called pistols with 2 sight systems, huge mags, folding stocks, suppressors and stuff I can’t name.
My gut reaction is that it’s pathetic. I think your standard non shooter would be repulsed .

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