10 characters, Got Guns?

Then why do you keep reading?
You grew up? lol Because firearms are “toys” for “kids”?
I have used firearms for recreation and hunting since I was a kid. The difference as an adult is I can buy nicer guns, and more of them. Many of the magazines do push a lot of product. That’s how they come up with new things to write about, and that’s how they get advertisers to spend money. I don’t believe that’s what people generally spend their money on, nor what has been discussed here. As I said, I have two single action 45’s, an '06 rifle and a 22 in my truck and is typical of what I pack around. The colt 45 was new fangled in 1872, the '06 was accepted and became the standard for the military in 1906, but came out in 1903 actually. I don’t know when the 22 came out, but mine is a 1911 chambered in 22 so over a 100 year old design.
People need to be less offended by things that don’t effect them and simply not feel the need to chime in when it isn’t their thing.


What isn’t my thing are the murders committed at alarming rates in our major cities.
But hey, it’s brown people killing brown people. It doesn’t happen in our neighborhoods.
Another complex societal issue that won’t be solved by all the discussion boards on the planet.
Forgive me. This pot is too easy to stir.

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Guns don’t equal murders.

Amazing that none of mine have never even injured someone, except getting garand thumb


This is the pinnacle of ignorance. Shootings are infact highest in the very places where law abiding citizens have the hardest time owning guns. Why do you want to project the problems caused by divisive corrupt state and city governments onto honest law abiding people?
Your argument is one of ignorance, emotions and hate of people that don’t agree with you.
If facts and logic had anything to do with your argument, you would note that the places with the least gun restrictions are immensely safer than the place with the strictest gun control. You would probably also note the thousand of people that are alive today because they had the right to own a firearm and defend themselves.
Again, someone who has to push their way into a conversation that they chose be offended by rather than staying out of a conversation about guns when they aren’t interested.


Spoken, rather demanded by a true liberal progressive.
excellent example of why liberal progressives are so ignorant. They live in a white affluent world and truly don’t have any idea how other people live. When they come across information that’s not from their protected sphere, they demand it be censored, or banned, like what happened here.
And if that doesn’t work, they then implore others to shun the person, block the person as that way they won’t be exposed to any other information than what they are fed from their propaganda outlets.
Better idea–rather than try and control other people and make demands that other people conform to your mandates, orders…why don’t you just not read what we normal people type if you don’t like it? It’s just that easy. Assuming you just don’t want to read it instead of actually wanting to ban others and censor information…which almost always is the case.

Ignorant = lacking knowledge. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

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I’ll help out here:

Always amused by the “celebrate diversity” cult that does anything but.
And their levels of condescention and intolerance goes hand in hand.

“I can’t believe the old fat guys writing endlessly about the latest, greatest mega blaster.”
now on to fat shaming and age shaming?
did you chime in here with your vitriol in an effort to get this thread censored and/or people you deem deplorable banned?

“Now I see short rifles called pistols with 2 sight systems, huge mags, folding stocks, suppressors and stuff I can’t name.”
In your youth they had scopes that had look under mounts so people could use the iron sights also. And let’s not forget the tip-off scope mounts. People now run 2 sights because the scope helps them shoot more accurately at distance while the iron/dot sights help them shoot more accurately at close range.

My first deer hunting rifle was an M-1 Carbine with a “banana clip” in the era of black and white photos. Remington 742s had a 10 round mag if you wanted it. I don’t know why people get hung up on magazine sizes, but for some reason some people do. When I work with disabled shooters, the 30 round mag length on an AR helps them hold the rifle up.
Personally I like the 20 round mags, but I have a bunch of 30s as, well, one only need go to a democrat ran city and see the criminals using 30 round mags on each other. I want to be at least as well armed as the most violent, worst people in our society.

I’m not a fan of folding stocks either, but won’t push my desires onto others.

I’d like to get a suppressor as I gave a lot of my hearing to uncle sam. The cost of them just isn’t worth it to me though.

any other questions?

Because it’s not about tolerance or diversity at all. The left is all about controlling what others are allowed to say, to think, and to do. Or not. This is why they censor so heavily, constantly call for banning ‘not correct in thought’ people, and of course if none of that works, to implore others to publicly shun the offender.

Some say these are crazy times. Not me. I became aware of the hippie mindset and behaviors in the 70s, before they called themselves liberals and started using the word “progressive”.
What I’ve found is they are profoundly dishonest, either by design or they truly do not know any better. What they say they are doing is the opposite of what they are doing. What they profess to hate is what they themselves are. Self loathing runs deep in that segment of the population.

Personally, I like the show now. Other people are finding out what I told them was a long time coming.

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So far in democrat stronghold of shicago, 2,386 people have been shot. The usual number comes in at around 98% of those shooting are black/brown and slightly lesser percentage of those shot are black/brown.
But there is no money in that, no power in that as the dems already control the black/brown people in their districts. So they ignore them and go after the nra/goa, suburban/rural white gun owners. There’s money and power in doing that so they do it.

It’s a shame and very very tragic for black/brown people, but that’s the way it is and will continue. Personally I don’t see a remedy for this as the liberal progressives are in full marxist mode, out in the open now. They are at the control levers of society so they have been rewarded for doing this. Cash too.
This isn’t going to resolve itself.

Kind of disagree. It is beginning to resolve itself. Dark green humans are standing up in support of the police while white fascist Antifa losers protest them. There is a change and some in the inner city are figuring out that they are the ones that keep getting raped robbed and shot by the same people over and over again, and the people they keep hiring to solve the problem keep changing the subject.
The winds are changing, thats why the borders are open.

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I would be interested in guns for wilderness tripping… The subject has wandered. That said the only gun I could use in Canada is a shotgun from what I know. Since that is my wilderness assault weapons and handguns are out.

Well there is not much out there that is deadlier than a shotgun, especially with over an ounce of lead slug loaded up.
That being said, it’s not anywhere near as convenient to pack in your boat or pack with you while camping or hiking. I mostly pack a handgun of one flavor or another, but in the moment of truth, I would rather have a shotgun in my hands than any pistol!

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Shotguns are far from the deadliest firearm. Too many think that they can fire some amazingly wide cone of death and destruction.

They are generally hard to aim, cycle slowly, have massive recoil and with amy kind of birdshot they do less than significant damage at anything but close range

It’s a shame you are prohibited from doing that as I think it’s a fundamental, basic human right. We are rural area of small towns. My wife loves to fish, so a lot of times I stay home or leave before she does. I told her I’d feel more comfortable if she carried her pistol as both of us have our concealed carry permits. She tried a few different setups and finally found one that isl comfortable and practical for her. A lot of people don’t realize how uncomfortable it can be to carry a concealed pistol.

A lot of people, cops included like the idea and thinks she’s wise to do so.
What’s amusing is how sexist the anti-gun people can be. They say people shouldn’t do it, but react to the idea thinking it’s all men, a manly activity. Their stereotyping enforces their wrong POV. Ask any woman if there’s any difference between a woman hitch hiking and a male. Or going for night walks. Or camping alone. You know the answer. Everyone does and to deny it would be dishonest.

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Depends and agree with the last one. People have to learn it and it’s capabilities and limitations. The biggest problem is when people want to use their duck hunting shotgun for self defense. Sure, shoot someone with a load of 4 ienter mass 20 feet away will end it for them. But if people are stuck having to use one as thet’s their only choice, if theycan afford one, getting a semi auto riot gun is the way to go. Can have a local smith shorten a hunting barrel to the min legal length and an 1100 would work good and can be found used for about 400 bucks.

In Dcowell’s scenario, if I only had one shot, I’d rather have a shotgun. But I don’t, I have 18-20 shots in the palm of my hand so that’s my choice. A pretty powerful argument can be made for the pistol as in my hand and in my pocket I can have 40 shots. That’s a lot, convenient, and a lot.

45 colt is a great stopper with a 230 grain bullet. It’s what I pack the most.
A 12 gauge has an ounce or more in a single projectile, a longer firearm that makes pointing simpler and a pump is nearly as fast at a second round as a single action revolver. Birdshot? Loading up with that for defense is suicide. 00 buck has something like 12 30 caliber balls in it.
Granted, an 1895 marlin spits out 405 or 500 grain bullets at a fantastic speed with the lever, points well and is compact enough for brush but that doesn’t take away from what a short barreled 870 does.

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Never shot an AR or an AK, huh? Especially a SPR or a folder.

30 rounds at 3000 fps in seconds. Shotgun is the deadliest? Lol

First off I said one of the deadliest.
Second you can put all 30 rounds of 223 into a grizzly and get it’s attention, or put over an ounce of lead from a 12 gauge slug into one and end the problem.
Yes, I do believe a 12 gauge is more deadly than a 223. Same as the 9mm with a big full clip has nothing over well placed shots from a 44 or 45 wheel gun.

9mm doesn’t stop stuff? OK. I think this has run its course, for me at least

So much verbiage here. Hunting taught me that to be fully present you have to shut down internal dialogue. That’s the key to being fully aware. Don’t just look, but listen, smell, and feel the air on your skin.

Things like sweepers in the river, lightening and high winds, limbs falling on the tent, crossing scree, all these things are more likely to be a problem, than animals in much of the lower 48. Indeed some places and activities do raise the odds of a negative encounter with animals, but by an large the outdoors are safe if you have knowledge and awareness.

The need to carry in most cases is overblown. Most that do just like it. No need to find excuses. I hunted out west with a local police chief. He never carried while bow hunting. Said he wore one at work, and wasn’t going to wear one when he was off.

In Canada and here the 12 GA pump would be my choice canoe camping if needed. A 10 GA throws some heavy lead, but aren’t fun to shoot. A shotgun is quick to point with a bit of practice, but scopes can be mounted on them too if that is what you prefer. Mostly I find a gun just dead weight to carry unless I am hunting with it. I much prefer my longbow to a gun for hunting. It weights about as much as a Zav carbon canoe paddle. Probably less.

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Love the bow!
My favorite is a Wes Wallace longbow I boughtback in the 90’s, but I also have an Osage selfbow that I play with.
I do need a nice yew bow from pacific yew some day.