10 day Green River Utah trip

I had asked here about the suitability of taking a Wenonah Minn 2 on the Green in high water season… turned out it was a great boat for the task. just a great boat all around…

i did a slide show of the trip, if anyone is interested>


Looks like you were very well prepared , and fed.

Very nicely done! Thank You

the major drama was when the wash we camped next to flashed after a big rain… another foot higher and it would have been in the tents…

also, the guy who got stuck in the mud up to to his knees. If he had been alone he could not have gotten out…

Be-darn. We may just have missed each other.

I was on the same water with 2 friends from the 23rd to the 27th. It was a planned 15 day trip that shows how firm plans can really be. It was to be 7 men and 15 days and it ended up being 3 men and 5 days due to the problems with many of our friends jobs changing their schedules and one man having to go to a hospital a few days before our planned departure date.

But the Green (on the Wyoming side) and the gorge were fun and beautiful. We have 2 “rodeos” due to wind and waves, but nothing that was bad enough to drive us off.

Great trip and thanks for taking us along. Dunno why they call that river Green.

I was under the impression that YouTube doesn’t allow videos that have copyrighted songs. Any problems with that?

thanks…In the past I have had issues with that, but lately it seems to get approved/permissions…

the Green is one of the siltiest rivers in the world. I have done a week on the San Juan, which is rated number one in that regard…

The Green is so named because it is ----in the summer and fall times. In the run-off season it’s brown (like most rives in the Rockies) and last winter we had a lot of snow. The snow melt combined with more spring rains than we normally get is causing the run off to be brown, and the brown is lasting longer then most years.

Wel done. Great Trip. Spring and Fall are best.
I have a friend visiting from Australia. We ran the Green 30 years ago. His daughter was on the trip at age 5. I just saw her at 35 with a marriage and a daughter. The Green is a great western river for canoe camping with no rapids at all. Bring the journal of John Wesley Powell.

If you ever go to Dead Horse State Park in UT, you can see the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers from hiiiiiigh above. One glance will verify that the Green is indeed green—yucky opaque canned-pea green—and that the Spanish origin for “Colorado” still applies. From up there, it also is a yucky opaque red-brown. Lots of silt in both rivers!

I had a two-piece paddle lock shut after it sat unrinsed after paddling the Colorado. I soaked it in fresh tap water and kept trying to twist it open. When it finally let go, I found a coating of ultrafine reddish silt INSIDE the shaft on both pieces. Never paddled there again, and no regrets. Opaque water just is not appealing to me. YMMV.

I have been to Dead Horse park… didnt know the confluence was visible from there.

we did a 9 day Fall trip on the Green (Mineral Bottom to Spanish Bottom) in 2013.

On a Gates of Lodore trip we camped at Jone’s Creek, where Powell and his men had camped, and on the latest trip we camped at Trin Alcove, another Powell camp. pretty special!

we call our style ultraheavy canoe camping…

You missed a weird, spectacular view. I would not have thought the two waters could be so sharply delineated right as they joined.

Look up photos of it online, because they exist.

aka Glamping

when I did the Gates of Lodore section, where the Yampa came in there was a 200 yard line that could have been snapped with a chalk line where the currents met. the Green was brown, the Yampa was green…

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Were you able to get gear and boats to the river’s edge at Ruby Ranch put in? Also did you portage around the rapids?


yes, the shuttle driver put us right on the river bank… and there are NO rapids…

There were no shuttles back in the 1990s. Finding Ruby Ranch was not so easy in the maze of oil exploration roads. If I go again I will start at the town of Green River.

I can recommend Tex Riverways in Moab. We were going to start at Crystal Geyser, but the upper part is not so good compared to what’s downstream, so we put in at Ruby Ranch to have more time in the canyons…

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