10 day remote paddle route in Canada?

Please advise if this is not allowed - I’m new here. (Hi everybody!) I’m looking for a remote 10-11 day canoe paddle route in Canada - preferably in the west or north with mountain wilderness around. It is ok to have portage routes, rivers, lakes, but ideally nothing more than a class 2 rapid - this would be for a group of people experienced in the backcountry but fairly new to canoeing. Remooteness is key - ideally not seeing many people on the expedition.

Thanks for your help!

So many choiices and so little time. Easy to do in Canada. How remote do you want it to be? Are you willing to charter air service?

There’s a site called myccr.com that is focused on Canadian Canoe Routes. I suggest you post there too and be as specific as you can about what you want since there are lots of folks on that site that can give you recommendations.

If you haven’t already checked out Joe Robinet’s YouTube channel, I’m pretty sure he did a trip somewhere in western Canada. I know he’s done and documented at least one in Wabakimi, but that’s northern Ontario and not out west.

CCR is a great site with knowledgeable people.

Read " Discovering Eden : a lifetime of paddling Arctic rivers by Hall, Alex M." and you might want to go to the Barrens.