10 ft vs 12 ft kayak??

I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to decide on a kayak and I think I’ve finally decided on the Wilderness Systems Tarpon kayak. This is my first kayak. Originally I was going to get the 10ft because it’s cheaper, but then I found the 12ft on sale for only about $25 more, but they don’t have the color I want.

I know longer kayaks get a little better tracking, and since it’s bigger it will have more storage (I want to take some kayaking camping trips eventually). Mostly I will be using it on lakes and slow to medium moving rivers.

So I’m wondering how much better the 12ft is than the 10ft, because if there isn’t much added benefits, then i’ll just stick with the 10ft to save where I can, and then i can also get the color I want :). But if the 12ft is significantly better and I can get it for almost the same price, I’m willing to forgo my first color choice.

Any suggestions?

Your size?

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Your size and planned load may play into it. WS site shows capacity of 350lb. for the 12 and 325 for the 10 (which does not mean they will perform at their best at the max weight!).
Also, SOTs are heavy and the 12 is about 10 pounds heavier -- is that important to you? Are you a tall strong person who will toss this on top of your car w/ no problem? or something else?
Just some things to consider.

12’ is faster
but a 10’ gets you into smaller places.

It’s mostly a value judgment sop try to paddle both and see which YOU like.

My copy of Belknap’s
Just arrived at REI so I will skip dinner to get it before class tonight.

on water vs off water
On the water, the longer boat will be much better.

Off the water, the longer and heavier boat is harder to deal with.

Which is more important to you?

Get the twelve
you are buying a boat for it’s performance on the water, and the twelve will be much better.

jack l

only $25 more. no brainer
Pace plus capacity for a pretty small premium.

I bet the 12’ holds more beer!

An extremely important consideration!!