10" hatch bag?

I searched the archive & couldn’t find this topic, so please forgive me if it’s an old one.

I have an older Pamlico 135 Tandem, with no bulkhead. I don’t want to add a bulkhead, as I have a paddlecart that fits nicely behind the back seat. But I want to keep some stuff (wallet, keys, phone) dry, and am looking for a 10" hatch bag. Looks like it wouldn’t be ‘too’ hard to cut a regular dry bag & silicone it inside the hatch cover, but I’d rather find one of possible. Time is precious, and I think a 10" diameter dry bag might be pricey, especially if I’m going to cut it shorter to fit.

Any help appreciated.

West Marine - under $20 bucks

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WEST MARINE Tidal Dry Bags
4-Liter Tidal Dry Bag,
9-1/2" dia. x 15"


If it had to be 10 inch, a few dollars more
20-Liter Tidal Dry Bag,
10" dia. x 21"

I realized this morning I have an old dry bag large enough to silicone around the hatch’s inside lip. Thanks for the help though!

keep in mind
Keep in mind that not all dry storage types are really dry. For example, dry bags are not totally waterproof. Dry boxes are better, especially if you are putting things like a phone it in. Article on this in a prior California Kayaker Magazine - can be read online for free at http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1q785/CaliforniaKayakerMag/resources/26.htm.

Why not just place the dry bag or dry bow in the boat attached by a bungee or clip so it doesn’t move, so skip on the installing a bag onto a hatch opening?

I use a waterproof box
It is about the size of two sandwitches and has a gasket seal. Pelican and a lot of others make them. My hold my keys, wallet, cell phone, and change. It ties or clips into the boat easily.

Seem like they sell something like this at Walmart and you could clip it to the string that keep your 10 inch hatch connected to the boat a lot easier than you could modifiy and glue a dry bag.

Have a box
I have a waterproof box, but it never finds an even footprint: Rattles the whole time I’m paddling and drives me crazy. I guess I could just throw something down for it to sit on.

I just hate looking at the silliness of a hatch an open area. So stupid they make the boat like this.

I was also just looking for something to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice.