10 lb stud

Ok I got an 8 ft 2x4 spruce stud that I want to practice carve a GP. (Actually I want to practice making a two piece ala Yost and don’t want to use the few pieces of western red cedar that I have.)

Anyway, for all you experts out there, is there some sort of guideline or formula for the amount of weight you take off a 2x4 stud to get a close approximation of what the paddle may weigh?

I guess i will find out but was just wondering if you found a 5 lb western red cedar 2 x 4 approximately what would your gp weigh? And would this ratio apply more or less to all pieces of wood?


Just carve away everything
that doesn’t look like a GP and you’ll know exactly.

jim :wink:

I thought your post was going to be
about a little poodle !

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Can’t help you on the weight of the studs, but I do know that I’ve been carrying four at a time framing for the dining room extension, and by the end of the day they always weigh more. - why is that !



never carved one yet
but would guesstimate approximately 0.3334 times the ratio of finished paddle length to raw wood’s.

I just completed one from a glued

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together blank that I'm guessing weighed 10-12 lbs. Pine core,mahogany and maple blades.It now weighs 3 lbs.The hardwoods are more dense so I suspect you can get your 'real' paddle to 2 lbs or less.Make sure you leave enough cross section on the upper half of the blades to minimize flutter.I got my first one of WRC too thin and didn't like the flutter. Looks great on the wall.Call me if you want to talk about constuction.After 2, I'm getting decent.


thanks String
I’ve made two at Delmarva with Don Beale and Chris Rabb from tuktu paddles and have made a couple of storm paddles as well. Not too worried about the build even though this one is supposed to be a two piece, just wondered if there was any kind of ratio that was accepted as the norm. thanks for your info on the weight of your paddle. gives me an idea of what to expect with this piece of spruce I am practicing on. who knows? It may turn out to be a decent, although heavier, spare?


De nada.
I’ve been using sea-tec’s Tripp-made paddle for a guide.

do you mean that battle axe
that Seatec insisted Tripp make for him? man that thing is the original beefeater! I could take two pounds off that thing and it would still be a heavy paddle!



I love that paddle.
This beefeater paddle was directly inspired by the 197. It also gives me a reason to train in the gym. Besides after 3 minutes people usually are ready to give it back. You want to experience something. Paddle for 15 minutes with the beefeater and then have Medicineman give you his black beauty. I Still prefer the beefeater. No flex at all. Even when I hit the PWC guys hazing me. :slight_smile:

took a 10 lb 2x4
and made a blank using a bandsaw and was down to 3.3 lbs before shaping!!!

I should be able to get at least another 10 to 12 ounces off.