10' Mohawk solo canoe

I would like to know when did Mohawk stop building a 10 foot solo canoe? I understand they only weighed 33 lbs. is that correct?

Not sure, but the one I’ve got is a 1980 model. I bought it sight unseen from a kid in Kentucky who wanted $100 for it. It’s a pretty cool canoe.

I have some old Canoe magazines that I will check but I bet you could get the answer straight from the source. They are still in business right? In Chattanooga TN? BTW I have a 10.5 ft long Dagger Tupelo canoe made of Royalite that barely weighs 30lbs and is a GREAT little canoe for my daughter. I just bought a Mohawk SOLO 13 and it weighs only 36lbs and its a fantastic little all purpose canoe.

Mohawk 10 footer
Mohawk Pack

Usage: Casual recreation

Length: 10’6"

Weight: 30 lbs.

Layup: fiberglass

Depth: 10"

Widths: 27 1/2"gunwales and 24" waterline

Cost: $175.00

Source: Canoe Magazine Buyer’s Guide 1985


Mohawk 10 foot canoe
These days, ClassFive boats makes the fiberglass canoes for Mohawk. They list a model called the Pack 10.5; 10.5 feet, 35 lbs. Here’s a link, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Mohawk is still around

Mohawk is “still” alive and kickin’ or, more accurately,revived and kicking. If the OP isn’t looking specifically for a glass layup, I would definitely check out their current 14’ Solo in Royalex, or pickup an Odyssey 14 as i recently did. Both boats are very light, and the Odyssey is turning out to be a perfect boat for my solo 40% fishing/ 40% playing/ 20% getting their needs.

Mohawk Pack

The Pack in UncleStu’s link is just like mine.