10 resolutions you will love.

All have emotional and/or physical benefits.

  1. Throw a party.
  2. Adopt a pet.
  3. Choose chocolate(dark).
  4. Savor your coffee.
  5. Raise a glass of wine or beer.
  6. Have sex.(people need to be told that?)
  7. Listen to your favorite music.
  8. Take a nap (esp. nice after sex)
  9. Spend time outdoors.(we knew that)
  10. Don’t use soaps with antibacterial agents esp. triclosan. Or aerosol household cleaners.

    Full article in AARP magazine for Jan-Feb 2013.

I believe in making resolutions…
I know I can keep.

So for 2013 I resolve to:

Exercise less

Gain weight

Eat more junk food

Be even more of a jerk than last year.


New Year’s Resolutions

I love it!!!

Generically having sex is much more
dangerous than using soaps with triclosan.

But of course, people tout what they like, and reject things when that rejection brings approval from others.

A wonderful discussion topic…




Resolution reply…

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1. Party is out, I'm not a social butterfly
2. Done with pets, but I could adopt one and bring it to your house to feed and raise.
3. Chocolate is good for the soul as well as the heart.
4. Don't do coffee, so I guess I'm screwed.
5. Beer and wine is just like chocolate, it's good for your soul and heart.
6. Sex...been there done that more times than I can count. I've given it up since I retired. It's too much like work.
7. Napping...my favorite hobby.
8. Spending time outdoors...I'll think about it after my nap.
10. If the soap and cleaners don't get us, the air that we breathe will.


Always the optomist CM.

Hey String…
3 out of ten I agree with, that’s more favorable than most people get.