10 year old Venture Easky 15

How much would you pay for a 10 year old Venture Easky 15? Seems to be in good shape. Just curious if Venture has increased or decreased it’s quality over the years - hard to find that sort of info online. Thanks for your help!

About half
the cost of a new one if it was in really good shape.

How do you pronounce Easky. Eee - skee? Or Eee - sky? Or something else?


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Good question. I and my boyfriend both have Easky 15's -- he says "ee-ski" and I have always said "ess-ski". I suppose it was because I view the model as based on Eskimo qajaqs. Don't know how the manufacturer pronounces it.

They have changed and improved their seat design since the one you are considering was made -- the hull and rigging is pretty much the same. I rented one of that vintage up at Lake George a couple of summers ago -- think the quality has stayed very good for the duration (being made in Great Britain rather than mass produced in China no doubt helps).

We recently paid $650 for a nice used 3 year old Easky 15, so $400 to $500 would seem reasonable for a 10 year old one in good shape.

Fantastic kayak, by the way. You won't regret buying it. Most versatile of the dozen or so boats I have owned so far. Have used it in the ocean and even in mild white water. Tracks like a rocket and is fun in waves.