$1000 for a Bell Merlin 2 ?

Went to the local paddling store to talk about Spirit 2. He has a never been paddled, never been in the water 2003 Merlin 2, Kev lite, kev crystal, or whatever Bell’s name is for it, wants $1000 for it. I’m in process of replacing a couple of old boats and was going to pick up a solo after the tandem was settled. But this seems like too good a deal to pass up for a boat that is at the top of my list. Good deal?

Bel Haven is a good outfitter
They’ve been in business a long time and the Bell Merlin II they have on sale is an excellent deal. My Dagger Sojourn came from there and I am very pleased with it and with them as a dealer.

Bel Haven also has a Bell Yellowstone tandem and a Wenonah Adirondack Royalex that are good buys, and a Wenonah Vagabond and a couple others I can’t remember. At one point last month I was going to buy 8 canoes from them at marked down prices, but I got side tracked with other business and never got around to it.

Buy it
That’s a sweet deal. I’d pounce on it before it goes away. The Merlin II is a very solid solo canoe.

I’d buy it if I was in the neighborhood.

most excellent
That’s a great price for that boat.

Another one in Maine
Last week there was another Merlin II at Kittery Trading Post for same $

Thanks guys,
It’s a done deal. I haven’t paddled a Merlin 2, but at this price I don’t think I’m taking much of a risk, it’s a composite at a Royalex price. If the boat turns out to be something different than what I expect off it goes to ebay or Pnet classifieds.

Anyone know of any Kev ultralite Spirit 2s out there for a G?

I sure liked the one I test paddled last summer.