1001 Things ta do wit an IKEA Bag

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Hello P-Netters.. Billy Bays here...

Yes, friends... announcing an exciting new use for a popular product!

Forget about getting your car seats all soaked from your wet britches while driving home from a trip.

Forget about having to make those annoying "pit stops" at those crowded an' dirty restrooms along the Turnpike anymore...

With this marvelous discovery you can now carry your wet paddling stuff, your dogs, or those pesky young'uns in this modern marvel...

You can even use it as trailer trash rainwear! There are endless uses - almost as many as duck tape!

And if that isn't enough... This fabulous new paddling product can be yours for under a buck at your local IKEA store.

Click on the link below to see one of it's many uses in action.


(No way offilliated wit IKEA, but wuz in one once ta git some o' dem sacks fer me an' dat polecat 'yaker BrazilBoy)

Whats an IKEA Bag?

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Not many --lets call it zero Ikeas up here.

Yes I do know who they are. After the last go round of five hours with "customer service" (they shipped a stool with two left sides-left and right are different) who stated it was OUR problem and not theirs, I am no longer going to order anything there ... bags or anything else.

Perhaps if we did not live so far we would take our little tool box and assemble things at the cash register in person. That might get their attention.

You could put this on Discussion Forum

Gee wiz,

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ah' reckon'd it wuz a soogestion... or advice... or helpin' dat thaar General... wat's his name "All Purpose Flour" or some such!


You could put one over g2d’s head
and play piñata

and seal it with duct tape.

I keep misreading that 2 as an O.NM

one lump or two?

almost looks like you could cut two …
… leg holes and wear them as a pair of suspendered bloomers .