$109, 16 oz, all carbon canoe paddle


all too short for me
nice looking blade though. I use 56 and 58 inch. Used 54" in C1 park and play, but not doing those 4-5" saddles anymore.

WW perspective. More info.
Matt, are you speaking from a WW perspective. If so, I agree a longer paddle would be preferable. But shorter paddles are the norm for most paddlers for repetitive forward stroking in FW, whether sitting or kneeling. FW may be the focus of the paddle.

However, I don’t see why Accent wouldn’t make a longer canoe paddle on special request, given that they make this single blade shape in presumably much longer SUPs:


On closer reading, I note the blade is “carbon reinforced”. Wonder what that means. Maybe foam core, which they discuss on the Accent site.

using my AB edges or a werner
on flatwater as well. 56" is about right. Kind of moderating from paddling anyways and Aaron is rarely paddling these days (only epic conditions and some flatwater), so we’re making do with what we got. Couple more years when my boats disintegrate I’ll refurbish.

carbon “reinforced” blade
Carbon over plastic blade. Ok 'n all, but it is what it is.

injection molded ( plastic ) blade

Cant palm roll

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Cant do a palm roll and advanced strokes with an offset blade. Go with pure straight shaft for style, maneuvering and general paddling, or go with bent shaft for speed.

Thanks for sharing it
Seems like a good price for a decent paddle. Sure it is not a Zav or the paddle that advanced palm rollers want. But at 16 ounces the 48 inch model might be just the thing for a back up paddle for my kayak. After all I’m just looking for a change from the double blade and most of my strokes are not advanced. More like hit and switch, J stroke, Pry, rudder, sweep, and low brace.