10ft lenght 26inch width kayaks?

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I cant seem to find many sit inside rec/touring kayaks with these specs for adults. Is this due to safety issues? Or will tracking be limited regardless of width at this length?


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10 ft is too short for a decent touring kayak. 26 inches is too wide for most touring kayaks and too narrow to comfort those who need the feeling of a very wide rec boat.

Why are you looking for a kayak with these dimensions?

Displacement issue
Short and skinny won’t have much capacity for a rec kayak.

You won’t find a touring kayak in those dimensions, just like you won’t find a sub-compact stretch limo.

Why do you want that size?

more information
I recall your previous post that indicates you are seeking a kayak for your wife. It would be helpful for us to know her size (height and weight) in order to suggest something appropriate for her. If she is very petite, some child or youth sized kayaks could be just the ticket.

don’t get locked into dimensions
Kayaks are not like lumber.

Emotion Bliss, if you can find one.

10’10" d 25.25" .

I’ll buy a used one, if I ever find one. Fits me pretty well, much better than a Swiftly, but I haven’t paddled one.

I agree - don’t force the specs
I agree with the above comments about ho you shouldn’t force the specs to meet some numbers.

In regards to boats of certain dimensions, to provide a certain level of floatation you need a certain area of water displacement. A shorter boat generally needs to be wider, longer boats can be narrower.

Along with this, you want a certain taper from a point at front back as it works it way to the width of the boat. The more taper, the easier it cuts through the water. Less taper means generally a slower boat. This lesser taper is one way white water boats get away with being so short. If a boat is short and not wide, they likely would have to make the boat have little taper so it can get enough floatation.

So a 10’ x 26" boat is either not going to be support much weight or it is going to be stubby and not very efficient in the water (or a mixture of both of these).

Tracking is mostly a function of length, and longer boats generally track better. Designs can get around so of this, such as by installing a defined keel or a rudder/skeg.

Length and Tracking

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Actually, the only reason anyone can say that tracking is mostly a function of length is because of that other thing that's been mentioned, the fact that shorter boats are generally wider to provide suitable buoyancy. So to be more accurate, tracking is a function of the ratio of length to width, not simply the length (ignoring other things, such as rocker).

It's perfectly possible to make a short boat that tracks like an arrow, but it would be unusually narrow and thus only suitable for a very small person or child. Make a boat that tracks like an arrow short enough and it will be a model, not a working boat, because no one could fit in it.

Volume ==> Carrying Capacity
While there are still some other factors like boat depth and the precise lines traced by the rails (i.e. fuller vs narrow ends), to a good approximation, the boat’s length * max width is proportional to hull volume. And the hull volume is proportional to the boat’s weight carrying capacity.

So boats sized for similar load capacity tend to be either long and skinny, or short and wide. 10 feet x 26 inches is quite short and also reasonably skinny, so it wouldn’t carry many adult Americans well, but the average American might go 200lb. Someone who is 125lb, doesn’t need as much boat.


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Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was something similar to what everyone has mentioned, I just didn't know the proper terminology.

My wife is 4'10" and 100lbs. I wanted to get her something that would make her paddling more pleasurable. I do have a prodigy xs for my son that fits her, but she didn't like the cockpit. She likes to read and take naps while I fish and she puts her feet on top of the kayak for that. For this reason alot of the smaller/shorter touring kayaks (smaller cockpit) have been eliminated.

I wish I would have came across the necky manito sport before making a purchase. oh well.