11 ft. Hand Made Cano

We have a pristine 11 ft. Handmade Wooden Canoe to sell to help liquidate an estate. It comes with a double bladed hand made paddle. It is in Shrewsbury, MA. What is the best way to find a buyer?

Advertise here in the classifieds. I sold one in a week.

If I were still living down there (Grafton) I would swing in and take a look.
I agree with @ppine and list it here or you could always use CL or FB marketplace. Closer to home would be posting it at places like the big boat launch off N Quinsig Ave. That is where the rowing clubs have some buildings. Also cross the bridge to the Quinsigamond State Park by UMass. Last time I visited there they had a peg board for things like that.

Good Luck!

P.S. Welcome to paddling.com

Sweet boat.