12' canoe identity help

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Can anyone identify this little canoe? The paint and emblems are not original. I was told it was made by a manufacturer in Stevenson, WA?


If you’re considering it, pass it up.
A 12 foot tandem canoe is not to be countenanced. Even whitewater tandems don’t come that short.

Au contrere’…
I use a 12’ fiberglass canoe and love it. As long as it has a keel, it will handle fine.

I can’t identify it, but…
my butt hurts just looking at it!

Jack L

12’ canoe identity help
Hahaha! Great responses all! Thanks for the input thus far… I’ll check into the keel. I think it’s a layup build but the lack of gunnels makes it look kinda flimsy to me.

Has nothing to do with keel or no keel

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Note that ezwater compared that boat to whitewater tandems. Nothing is more squirrely than a whitewater boat, yet even those track in a satisfactory manner if the paddler or paddlers have good technique. So, it's not the handling. It's just that 12 feet is just awfully short for a tandem. There may be a special situation where that's the best length, but it would be a rare situation, I'm sure.

12’ canoe identity help
So, using it occasionally for the wife and I would not be the best idea? I was thinking that a 12 foot boat would be pretty fun to solo, but I would use it some for the two of us. 15 or 16 is probably the best bet? Or just hang on and find a better canoe. I do want one that is manageable by myself… loading, toting it to the water. I’m able but not getting any younger!

There’s a reason it’s obscure
It was a market failure.

It’s too short to be a tandem except for children, the cadaverous or the Nessmuk twins.

You won’t be able to solo it from the bow seat backwards because that thwart will be in the way, unless you are one of the foregoing people with a 16" waistline.

12’ canoe identity help
Y’all have been great help! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some very useful information! I am opting out on this one for the many reasons listed. The final blow was the mention that it can not realistically be used solo. Keel forces use of the aft seat and I don’t have a 16" waist!