12 foot Perception kayak

I am looking for a spray skirt for the 12 foot Sundance 12.0 Perception kayak? Dose anyone make one or do I have to make my own or have a special one made?

measure it
Measure the outside edge of the coaming, lengthwise and widthwise and then check the manufacturer’s sites for the range of dimensions that their standard skirt sizes will fit (brands like Seals and Harmony). I have been able to find skirts for all my assorted kayaks over the years via this method. Also, many people who sell used skirts on Ebay will list the length and width – if you spot one you think MIGHT fit but doesn’t have dimensions, just send them a question and ask them to measure it or the cockpit they used it on.

You can also search on line for the original dimensions of that model you have – most manufacturer specs list the cockpit opening size (the coaming will be at least and inch or two larger in both directions)

Seals 7.0
Available at many places online. A skirt that large will pop off often so it’s only good to keep you dry in cold weather, not really designed for whitewater but will work for paddle drips and mild riffles.

big opening
Yup, at 54" by 21 1/2" that’s one HUGE cockpit. There’s somebody selling two of the Seals size 7’s for sale used on Ebay right now:


Notice it has the support bridge on it to keep the water shedding off it somewhat. As has been said, this will mainly keep off sun, wind and paddle drip – not likely to withstand heavy waves or a capsize (but that isn’t a boat designed for rough waters anyway.)