12 ft boat needed-please advise

I know some of you have read my previous posts about trying to get my Scupper Pro on our 26ft sailboat. I have come to realize that although doable, it is an accident waiting to happen. The rudder was damaged on our first trip out.

After some very careful measurements, it seems we have room to safely carry a boat in the 12 foot range. Anything longer, or anything over 50# will not work. It should not have a rudder or skeg. I use my scupper for light touring, usually in the 2-5 mile range, but have paddled 16 miles in a day, on a flat river. I will always be in protected waters, but we will sometimes be in big water, i.e. large lakes and calm bays. Tracking well is something I value.

I was not really ready to think about another boat, and since I am not getting a new boat in order increase some aspect of my performance, or do do something different like surfing, I don’t want to spend a ton:)

Any ideas as to what I should demo or consider? I paddled the new Pungo 120 and was surpised at how well it moved throgh the water for a 12 foot boat, anmd I thought the neck sky was fun in swells, but would definitely like a longer boat for tracking.

Any help welcome,


my scupper is a self bailing SOT
and the rudder blade was damaged when towing ( while docking actually)

Also, I don’t want an inflatable . I had an inflatable back in my single mom, no place to store things days, and it was great because it got me out on the water. However, I enjoy paddling several miles at a time, and I don’t like the way they track (maybe if I take up whitewater kayaking:)

Don’t want a boat I have to assemble as our deck/cockpit will make that difficult.

I want the best tracking 12 foot boat I can find. I would like to be able to paddle with my dog in it, and don’t care if it’s an SOT or SINK.


I have looked at the LiquidLogic boats
online and they look like nice boats (Joe from this site sent me the link-thanks!). However, I cannot demo one anywhere near me, so I have hesitated to look into much further. Also, the cockpit design would mean no dog:( Although admittedly, if I loved paddling it better than the others, I would choose it.

Maybe I will have to venture a little further from home to try one???


my husband and I
both laughed when we read your post. I can pretty much guarantee he will not be mountain biking anytime son, but I think he likes the idea of more boats:)

I bought a Pungo 120
It paddled well on the demo, and didn’t have skeg or rudder. I didn’t see much advantage to getting another SOT, since Angus won’t ride on one (I am really glad I have one for the ocean however!)

I needed to test paddle first. In addition to the Pungo, I liked the necky boats, but didn’t have any local dealers with a dagger backwater or liquidlogic boat to test paddle. I really wanted to have my new boat in time for our vacation this June.

I had the Pungo out twice now, since yesterday, in our local reservoir and the dog loves it! I posted a few more details in the paddler’s place discussion forum with the subject line: Loch Lomond/Santa Cruz pictures up.

Here is the photo link:


Thanks eveyone for your help!