12' Ranger canoe?

There’s a 12’ Ranger Canoe for sale nearby, and I’d like to know anything you can tell me about it, as I can’t find anything on google.

The seller says it’s a very light fiberglass layup, designed for open C1 Slalom racing.

Thanks, Nate

I thought there was still a website for their info. It maybe through a new builder of their boats. Maybe someone else will know.

Ryan L.

only 16’
All the info on Ranger Canoes that I’ve found only references a 16’ canoe.

Did Ranger make a 12’? Maybe this guy has the length wrong.


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Back when Ranger was located in Clinton MA (70's and early 80's) they made a whole lot of boats including some downriver racing boats and a bunch of recreational stuff I do not remember them making a slalom boat. Interesting point they also made fiberglass reptile cages. A number of years ago the two owners at that time built a sailboat and sailed it to the Philippines where they now live.

Let us know when you lay eyes on it.
The bit about slalom racing seems unlikely, because the required minimum for glass boats was 13’ 2". And it is very hard to make an open canoe that will be useful on a slalom course, under a 13’ length. The current length for decked c-1 and k-1 is 11’ 6".

It seems likely that the seller does not know what he has, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want it.

It may be a cut down boat. Some guys took older boats and cut them down.

Ranger Canoes
Only listing in a buyers guide i could find was 1990 and only the 16’ Ranger was listed. But in the manufacturers index there was a paragraph describing Ranger Canoe Co.

It stated that in 1972 they introduced their Challenger line of OC-1 canoes for the ACA downriver racing. They stated that their canoes took 1st 3rd, and 5th in 1976.

So they did make downriver racing canoes and did win some races. How the classes may have changed over the years and what may have been allowed in New England would be up to the archives of WW racers. I only remember seeing a recreational tandem Ranger and its unique feature was no gel coat. The resin was pigmented and the color went all the way thru. Other than that it was pure New England 16’. Looked like a Rainbow, Mad River, Vermont, Allagash, etc.


Ranger Canoes
On a little further research they moved out of Clinton Ma maybe in 1976-77 to Plymouth NH. Their downriver boats were distinctive by their opaque green color sans gel coat. Their 20’6" boat they made for the National’s Open Class back on the Dead River in to early 70’s when they still had that class still ranks of one of my favorite " Super Canoes" a term coined by the late Harry Roberts.

Yes, but no 12’ anything was ever
raced in downriver. So if the present boat is 12’, it is neither a slalom nor a downriver boat. Soon, perhaps, someone will inspect it and report.

Soon, perhaps
Thanks for the input.

I’ll try to get over and take a look at it this week.

It is indeed green. (Imagine!) And the seller says it’s from Ranger in Clinton MA, (probably from what the decal says) so I am guessing it’s an older boat. From a picture I’ve seen it looks in pretty good shape, but with 2 paperback-sized repairs at the ends.

I don’t know much about canoes, but I’d love to happen into a good solo all-around boat, so I can expand into a new discipline. In general terms what should I be looking for to evaluate a boat for suitability as a solo canoe for flat or perhaps some fast water use, good for developing skills - NOT a fishing platform or barge for taking my mom out on Sundays.

What do you have against barging your

Ranger Canoe

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Just happened upon this old post. We are still here in NH building boats, the Ranger Otter 16'/52lb Kevlar reinforced infusion cored composite day tripping - touring canoe. Ive owned the co since 1980. WE never built any Slalom canoes back in the day. We did win the nationals OC-1 16' 6" in the mid 70's. And no sailboats either. Just 2 airplanes. RANGERCANOE.COM.....since 1964