12ft Kayak ?'s

I was looking to get a 12ft kayak an upgrade from my 9’6. I tried out the Pamlico 12, but I couldn’t turn the boat as sharp as I wanted. Whats the best 12ft kayak out there that can turn quick or is it about the same for all 12footers.


Try a Pungo but most Rec. boats are
wide ,making them harder to turn.Your weight is also a factor as is your ability to handle a paddle.

Hull Shape
Most 12 footers I’ve seen are designed for straight tracking. There are exceptions though. The Prijon Combi is almost 12 feet long and handles a lot like a whitewater boat. It will do a 180 turn with a few paddle strokes.

This is due to hull shape not length. Look for rounded bottoms for easy turning and V hulls for tracking. There must be other kayaks with round hulls out there but the Prijon is the only one I’ve paddled lately.

longer boats/turning ability
I upgraded from a 9’6" Emotion Glide to a 13’ Necky Manitou. I find it highly maneuverable. Granted the Glide turned on a dime, but I have had no issues with the longer boat.

The Necky is narrower (26"), but it tracks great and is much faster.

I have a Dagger Blackwater 2001 model. 24 1/2" wide, 12 1/2 ft.long with drop skeg. Turns effortlessly with skeg up. I think the last year produced was 2009. The boat was redesigned a little 'lost 6" in length and gained 1 1/2" in width. The Axis took it’s place. It has a raised bow and a skeg. Designed for lakes and mild whitewater.

12 ft. kayak
I have a Delta 12.10…easy to turn and great in tight places…and zippy too!

Necky Mantou 13
Offers an excellent combination of maneuverability, speed and tracking. Plus it only weighs 47lbs.

Lots of people making suggestions but depends almost entirely on what you are going to use it for.

Bill H.

Tsunami 120/125
Look at the Tsunami 120 or 125 (depends on your height/weight). I’m 5’10" 170lbs, 32" waist, 32" inseam, and love the fit of the 120. If you are bigger then me though you may need the 125.

It doesn’t turn like say my Wavesport Diesel river runner. But for a 12’ boat it easy to maneuver as long as you know how to put it on edge and use the right technique. It also tracks very nicely, has good storage capacity. The seat is great, very adjustable, and also has adjustable thigh braces. The cockpit coaming is small enough to get a neoprene skirt for as well, so you can really edge it aggressively without taking on water.

12’ Boat

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I second the Delta 12.10, tracks well, stable and turns on a dime. Only weighs 43# for easy loading and launching.
I was so impressed with the Delta 1210, I bought a Delta 16, one of the best all around boat I have paddled for both touring and surfing.

Some you don’t see all the time.