$14.99 kayak storage !

Greetings from AZ,

If you want to store your boat(s) up near the ceiling, you might want to check out this $14.99 Racor Hoist from Costco.


I just installed two of the four I ordered (which arrived very quickly … dontcha just love Costco) and they seem to work just fine to get my 45lb. Necky Tykes (Gannets) up and out of the way. The hoists are rated at 50lbs and lifted my boats without much effort. I used an extra strap in the middle of the boats for added security and to take weight off the toggles at each end of my boat while they’re hanging .

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Cordes Lakes, AZ

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Glad you found a bargain that works so well for you! One question: Should you be hanging a kayak from the toggles? I thought kayaks should be hung in a sling/strap running under the boat.

You can try it…

…but the simple one line systems that I have seen won’t raise the kayak level, you have to help it. With a yak you are at the max weight rating. May be fine for bikes…

my thoughts exactly.
the strongest part of the boat is at the bulkheads and on it’s sides. I would have nightmares of me opening the garage door and seeing my boat bent in the middle.

Now having said that, I have a friend, who hangs up his 62 lb seadart in the garage on a couple of hooks on the toggles. Has been doing it for over a year now with no problems.

I wouldn’t have the cojones.


Looks as if you can just reposition the mounting brackets farther apart and making a sling for your kayak to attach to the hook in the proper position would work fine also.

I think I will invest in a couple of these for both my bikes and boats.


Good price.

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It certainly is much more cost effective than the pair of Harken Hoists I put up! I chose to spend the cash because of the brake, you can't drop the boats. After I had it up a friend looked at it and told me I could have done it for a fraction of the cost, all the rigging is available at a good chandlery. Of course, I didn't really know what rigging was involved before I got the hoists, but I know you could rig the same thing up now. If you go to the harken site you can download a PDF of the instructions,then head to Home Depot and West Marine and go to town. Too late, I already dropped all that cash. I'm sure a reasonably handy person could rig up a nice hoist that was designed with a boat in mind for pretty cheap. I don't know about this Cosco one, I think having the lines set at pivot points a little wider than the beam, with straps, would probably be more stable and easier on the hull. Could work though.

Hardware Store
The hardware store holds many secrets for hoisting if you have the knowledge. Simple pulley systems can be designed on the spot and usually for cheap. For hoisting boats in a sling- Home Depot has these giant velcro straps with d rings that work great and are kind of cheap. Happy lifting.

giant velcro straps?

You going to velcro a strap together and lift your boat? What if it fails?



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To clarify and address concerns:

I hook onto the toggles to RAISE the boat up. Once up (as I said in my original post) I attach a strap around the middle of the boat (to a strong eye-bolt that’s anchored deeply into a joist) to take most of the weight off the toggles. One could certainly use two straps if they were concerned about the kayak deforming. In MY case, with MY boats, that’s not an issue.

Actually, I probably don’t even need the center straps, but they’re cheap insurance.

I figured that if MY toggles are strong enough to carry (or drag !!) MY boat, they’re certianly strong enuf to temporarily attach to while I hoist it up. Your toggles and boat may be different, but aren’t toggles MADE to lift a boat with ?

Yes, the Racor hoist DOES need a bit of assistance to raise the kayak evenly. I can live with that, considering their LOW price.

Yes, they’re rated at 50lbs. After looking at the components I feel that the rating is conservative and feel comfortable using them for my 45lb. boats.

Yes, I agree, one could buy pulleys, rope, etc. and make up their own hoist. I’m all for home brewed solutions, but for the price and ease these hoists seemed like the way to go.

Bottom line … one could spend more … and get more … but for the price … for MY needs … I’m THRILLED with these little units.

It sure is nice to get my boats up and out of the way and it freed up a LOT of shelf space.



Cordes Lakes, AZ

Hanging by grab loop/toggles is one
method of storage suggested by Phoenix for their kayaks at www.pokeboat.com. For their boats, it’s perfectly safe and acceptable. That approach may not be wise for other heavier, less stiff boats.