14' kayak and whitewater

I have a Current Designs Whistler that is 14’ 6" long. I know its main purpose is for more calm waters but I was wondering what is the limit in terms of whitewater kayaking with this boat. I’m thinking a class 2 or maybe a lower end class 3 but I’m not sure.

Not a real good idea.
Class III whitewater requires being able to maneuver and a 15’ seakayak is not made to do the job. Also whitewater kayaks are reinforced so they will not collapse easily if pinned by the current against a rock. The same is not true of a seakayak. People certainly play in seakayaks in deep water features on rivers and tide races that are rated as class II-III but if you are thinking a rocky stream I would pass on the idea.

Don’t know that boat,
but I think class Ii is the upper limit for my 14.5’ kayak – have run easy class II and that wasn’t bad. It’s not ideal when you’ve got to avoid strainers and manuever quickly.


Here you go:

It’s a tupperware 17 foot Eclipse, just entering a class III, on the Dan River in the Keebler Valley race.

I have to admit, I said a lot of “oh sh–ts” before the race was over, but never did swim.



For 250 bucks you could buy a decent
WW kayak that will be funner and more appropriate for the river.


depends on what type

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of cl.2-3. Big water maybe, but forget the tight technical stuff. Follow dogs and darts advice, get a ww boat, and enjoy that frothy stuff, learn to play, and join us ww junkies. Big difference between existing in a rapid and playing with it.