14' Mad River Tandem?

I've got a line on a canoe that the tells me is a 14' Mad River tandem. He doesn't know what it is, the boat is in storage so he can't readily check. The gunnels are apparently rotted off.

Does anyone know of a 14' MR tandem?

Tahoe 14 tandem, maybe?
circa 96-98 - came with aluminum or wood gunnels

13’10" x 38" wide x 14’ deep


I didn’t know MR made a short fishing boat like that. I don’t need one. If anyone does, check out the Harrisburg, PA craigslist.

Hey you! Ain’t you got enough boats yet?

I am thinking of founding a support group for obsessive/compulsive boat buyers, so help could be on its way to you soon.

MRC Winooski: Designer Jim Henry, slight rocker, symmetrical, shallow V hull. Length 14’, gunwale width 39", 4" waterline width 35 1/2", depth at center 14", bow and stern height 17". Weight fiberglass/kevlar: 62 lbs/46 lbs.

“Designed for excellent stability and easy handling, the lightweight Winooski is a short, stocky, deep canoe. A favorite of inexperienced paddlers, its wide beam makes an ideal platform for hunting, fishing, or photography. Not designed for long distance travel, the Winooski creates a feeling of tremendous security.”

You thinking of getting this as a “love boat” ala Eric Nyre’s thread?


Yea, I don’t need any more boats. But you never know what people have. For all I knew this was a mis-measured Guide or something. Then I would have needed one more!

A couple weeks ago a got a 17’4" x 33" Mad River for $195. Of course when I scratched my head and asked the seller to double check the length for me he said, “what the … it’s actually 16’6”, not 17’4" … I’d swore …"

I said, “I’ll be right over.”

Winooski…i’m guessing. (nm)

I said, “I’ll be right over.”

That’s how I picked up a MR Independence for $100, of course since I’m a kayaker I clearly have very severe case of B.A.S. (Boat Acquisition Syndrome)

Not one worth considering.

great find

The MR I picked up I immediately turned over to a friend with two young kids. They are using it a lot and really enjoying it. But it needs re-railed.

I told the seller what the boat was and what he could potentially get for it with effort on his part. But he was content to sell it to me at his original asking price.