14' RTM Disco Kayak

I was offered a nearly new 14 RTM Disco Kayak for $350. I am 135 ibs, 6’0 and a fairly new paddler. Is this a good deal?

If it is an Old Town cross linked poly
one, I would say yes.

If it is some el cheapo copy I would say they are a dime a dozen !

Jack L

Fun Day/Play Boat
for your weight. I am 5’3" and 145 lbs. Bought one new for over $500. I use it for day paddles and for surfing small (3’ and under) waves. It has enough rocker to make directional changes possible on a waveface. Familiarity with corrective strokes may be needed to help keep boat on a direction track.

A heavier paddler, say 160 lbs and more, will find the boat increasingly less maneuverable and a wetter ride.