15.5' Sea Kayak: Bow Flotation Bag

Greetings- I am the owner of a fine older Swift CASPIAN SEA sea/touring kayak (15.5 feet, fiberglass, 48 lbs). In the late 1990’s they made a few that had no bulkhead or storage opening in the bow, it is completely open space from the seat to the very front of the bow. and I am trying to find a suitable flotation bag that would fit this pretty large space from the footrests forward…

Can anyone assist me in solving this?

I am trying to avoid a bag that is not the right shape (i.e. a recreational kayak bag that doesn’t really fit the space, this would leave voids for water and add excess weight perhaps). Thanks for any assistance or suggestions. I love the kayak, it just has this issue I want to solve.

Makes flotation bags that should fit your boat. Just make sure you secure them in place.

Gaia standard large stern
size bag might be the ticket.


I have found them on sale at on-line retailers a couple times, and use them sometimes as belt-and-suspenders type of backup in the rear hatch if I am going places where I might get tossed into rocks