15' Eddyline Merlin XT Carbonlite

Just saw someone selling one of these babies for $1200. Is this a good deal ? Appears to be and the reviews are good. I have tried other similar boats in the 15’ or longer range, just not this model. I believe it is a 2003 or newer model with larger cockpit opening than the earlier keyhole models. I am 5’10 and 175lbs, but I think I shuld be fine. I will look at the boat tomorrow - Tuesday- so would like all of your suggestions if possible before I get the lucky chance to view it.

Take care!

No Much Help Here But
It’s a really nice boat. I opted for the Night Hawk because it fit me better and I could get better hip control with it. The price is probably fair.


they’re sweet…
…but just a little tippy. I’d try to demo it if you can, but for that price, if you buy it & don’t like it you will have no problem passing it along to another paddler. I remember bidding on one of these on ebay (brand new but that had a little damage) & it went for about this price.