15' Green Pelican - is this a good deal?

here’s hoping that no one will grab this before I do, if this is a good deal, but I’m wondering how good this particular Canoe is? doesn’t say how old it is and the finish on it doesn’t match up to any of the current Pelican model’s, so I don’t know which line it belongs to. but…$300 for a 15ft canoe w/paddles and vests (we have our own tho) seems like a good deal. no doubt a way to go for a first timer, but I thought I’d ask and see what recommendations and considerations are shared.

what are some good rules of thumb when you look to buy a used canoe? what questions should be asked?

it’s on the Craiglist in Vancouver, so it’s within driving distance for us to get (we’re about 4hrs from there).


My thoughts …
First, I wouldn’t choose a Pelican at all. It is a cheaply made canoe made for “big box” stores. They are heavy and don’t paddle well. But that’s me.

What can be said about them is that they are inexpensive, and a poor boat is better than no boat. A lot of people own one and have a good time in them. If you are a very occasional paddler that goes only on the calmest of water, price is an issue, and you don’t care how it paddles, it is probably ok for you.

Now, here are my thoughts on price. A used canoe should fetch 50 - 80% of its retail price depending on condition (good to excellent. Don’t even consider it if it is poor). I’m guessing this canoe retails for $400 (US). Let’s go middle ground and say 65%. That’s $260 (US). I believe, however, you’re talking about Canadian $, so $300 is probably about right – not a deal, but alright.

Check the last 2 digits on the HIN. That is the year of manufacture.

Look for holes and creases. Any holes on a polyethlene, walk away (with other materials holes aren’t so much of a concern). If it has aluminum tubing and any are creased or bent, walk away.

Flip the canoe over and look down the keel line. Straight is good. Not straight, walk away.

If the hull material is dried out, cracked, or brittle, walk away. If it is sun faded only, you can probably treat it with something to help protect it.

thanks for the replies but…
…I had emailed the fellow and was replied to with a ‘it’s been sold’, so there’s no chance I’ll make the mistake of buying it :slight_smile:

Find one new
My father-in-law just picked one up for less than 300 new, has paddled it a few times and seems satisfied. He’s not doing more than 10 trips a year at the most though, good deal for him. Its heavy and noisy though.