15 year old Spirit II- how much to ask

Hey all, It has been a long time since I posted on here. I still canoe and kayak, but I am looking to sell a Wenonah Spirit II royalex that I bought at least 15 years ago. It has been well used, but also well cared for. It has it’s usually nicks and dents in the hull, but it is still in good shape. For the life of me, I can not find out what a fair asking price for this canoe would be. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. Paddle on!

For what it’s worth
There was a Royalex Spirit II that was recently listed here for $900. It’s no longer listed so I’m guessing it sold.

Along those same lines, there is a Penobscot 17RX listed for $725.

On the shorter side in Royalex, I’ve seen a few Penobscot 16RX and Camper 16s listed for between $700 and $900. There was a Royalex Bell Morningstar posted earlier this year for around $850.

I’m sure it varies by market. Good luck with your sale.


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A new Spirit in Tufweave has a street price of $1900-2100, so anything more than 25-30% of a new boat price would be a stretch for a 15 year old boat, imho.

If it's been stored indoors and is still supple (rather than brittle) and the wood trim/seats aren't beat up, $450-600 would be in the ball park, given the described hull condition. A "like new" Spirit of that age might get $750-800, which isn't too bad, considering they were selling at $850-900 at the time yours was new.

Based on you being in central IL, that market is pretto good for canoes.

If it is not oil canned, and has been stored inside most of its life, i think you could get $800 for it more than likely. Less if its UV baked, warped, or damaged, in that case, $500ish or less depending on the extent of damage.