15lbs over weight limit, will I be ok?

I’m borrowing a friend’s kayak and the weight limit is 260lbs. I’m 15lbs over that, will I still be ok? I plan on being on a creek that’s really low water level wise

Not really. You will be deep in the water on a river at low water. You will probablly bring some equipment. You will be getting out of the boat a lot. Try a tandem canoe instead and paddle from the middle.

No, you will not be OK. The boat will be unstable and slow. The weight limit is for you AND your gear (and water, etc.) and you really should be at least 20% UNDER the maximal rating for capacity for best performance. Low water will make this even worse as you could end up scraping bottom or getting hung up on sand or gravel bars because the boat will be riding low in the water under your weight. You need a boat that is longer with more volume.

About 5 years ago I was helping with a local triathlon that started with a 3 mile paddle. One guy had rented a kayak for that leg. He was a big guy in a small kayak. Trying to paddle fast he would swamp the boat & flipped three times in the first 1/2 mile. Was pulled out of the race after that.

It sounds like this is a just for fun unserious paddle. On water you can safely flip in.

So no, you and the boat are not a great match. But for what you are talking about it may just mean that you will get wet. Account for that in your decision.

I am with Celia. Not optimal, and you likely will swim. But keep the gear you need dry in dry bags (or not on you) and wear a PFD and enjoy the water.

I was at a floatilla in Wisconsin. There was a large woman in one of those 8ft Dolphin kayaks…big box rec boat. She loaded the board down so that little, very little waves for us Sea kayakers, lapped over the rear deck and leaked into the rear hatch. About a mile into the parade she was sinking.

Is 15# over the limit ok?

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