16 '6" wenonah sundowner

Hi everyone,
I’m looking at a 16’6" fiberglass sundowner. I’m 260 lb and my wife is 130lb. I would be using it for weekend camping and flatwater. Were intermediate paddlers who would have 100 lb of gear max

Thoughts…to small ?
Thanks in advance

I don’t have any experience with the Sundowner, but we paddle the 16’6" Bell Northwind with at least that load. I think I figured about 550-600# maximum “performance” load for my boat. So, you should be fine with your maximum weight of 490#.

Your bigger problem will be trimming the canoe because of the large weight difference between you and your wife. Your canoe should be trimmed more or less level to perform, so think about how to pack to achieve that.

Thanks…we pasted on that boat and I was able to get a wenonah kevlar sundowner 18’.
Looking forward to getting that in the water !

You bought the better of the Sundowners for your purpose. While the 16’6" and 17’ Sundowners are great canoes applied correctly, for your size and paddler weight difference the longer 18 Sundowner is the best choice… Being Kevlar it should have a sliding front seat. That will help with trim and make the paddling station better for your lighter wife. You can load close to the front seat and even under it to help with trim. I have several 18 Sundowners and have camped with them multiple times. The hull is very seaworthy with a load and does not feel over loaded with a 550# load of paddlers and gear even on the larger lakes of the Adirondacks. Used a core-stiffened fiberglass version on a weeklong trip to the islands of Lower Saranac Lake. Paddled in with a big load on a windy day with boat wakes. Did not take any water over the rails. Ended up with a bow paddler and some gear from another couple who could not make headway into the wind and waves in a 16’ royalex Dagger. Fairly inexperienced couple with too much gear and a front seat positioned too far back for the lighter weight and weaker arms of the lighter woman bow paddler. We put my stronger and slightly heavier paddler in with her husband and I took her and about 50# of their gear in the Sundowner. Gearwoman complained about how the blunt and fat bow of the Dagger slammed into every wave and then bounced over it instead of slicing thru them and rising only slightly as the Sundowner. The wife loved the sliding seat putting her forward where the bow is narrower and being able to get the paddle shaft vertical with little reach. She also loved using a light carbon fiber bent shaft for the first time instead of the plastic and aluminum white water beaters they got with their canoe.

Great stuff…thanks both

_Great stuff…thanks both