16' Aquaterra Chinook?

I found an Aquaterra Chinook for sale and I was wondering if this was a good price. I’m not sure of the age, I asked if the plastic was brittle, and he said no. He’s asking 450$ including a paddle and a spray skirt. Is this a good deal as long as everything’s in good shape. I tried to do a little research and saw somebody post that they wouldn’t pay over 300$ for a boat like this. I’m pretty sure this is a decent deal, because I’ve been looking for a sea kayak and haven’t seen many below 700-800 dollars.

Here is a pic of it:


Could you also help me figure out how old it could be?

i found this info

should be a serial number

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and the last two digits are the year of manufacture. The problem is that for such an old boat the year of manufacture won't tell you anything about the condition. If it was stored out of the sun all that time, for skirt and paddle it could be a very good deal. If the skirt is as old as the kayak in neoprene or coated nylon it might need replacing as the waterproof coating is gone or the neoprene is cracking apart.
Sorry, it would take looking at it to render a worthwhile judgement.
I'd suggest starting with determining whether the neoprene cover under the hard hatch is good, if it isn't then you're going to spend another $50 or so replacing it. Go ahead and take it off and put it on. Ditto the skirt. If it all works I'd get it. Oh,yeah, you need a float bag forward, a BIG one if it doesn't have one. If it has a little one replace it with one that FILLS the space forward of the footpegs. You should be able to get one or two from www.marinerkayaks.com. I'd get two and double them one on top of the other.
If those things don't work you're looking at spending another $100-$200 (neoprene hatch cover, float bag, skirt)or so and might offer 375, what's the paddle?. The hatch cover and float bags are important, you don't want to go paddling without them. In this price range you aren't going to find near new boats at 1/3 wholesale price. You're going to find very beat old boats. From the photo this kayak doesn't look beat.

Check the stern, if it was dragged forever on concrete the stern would be worn down over 1/2", are the footpegs on the rails? sometimes old boats have the footpegs popped off and lost.

If it was sitting in the shady side of the garage for ten years I'd still get it and be prepared to do some repairs.

Chinook NW
I suspect the boat is at least 10 years old. In the 95-96 time frame the older Chinook with the round side front hatch was replaced with a larger forward hatch. Logo on the newer model was Chinook NW.

16’ Aquaterra Chinook?
I sold a chinook for $700 a few weeks ago - its a GREAT boat - it was first made in the mid 80s and discontinued ( replaced with chinook NW - not so good - eventually became Vizcaya) in the mid 90’s - that means it has to be about 15 years old which is about what tyhis one looks like - Nick

Old Chinook
I read your message and want to say that I have been using my Chinook since 1990. I also own three other Valley boats (Skerrey, Anas Acuta (2)). With a rudder, spray skirt, and paddle, $450 is a good price.

I have had my Chinook NW for over two decades and I love my kayak. I’ve taken it camping along lakes and rivers, fished from it, and wildlife watching. Easy paddling, very stable in rough water. Been on a couple of the Great Lakes, and it has handled some pretty sizable swells without issue. The rudder really helps with wind issues. I know that the original post was from long ago, but I had to jump on and brag about what a great kayak this has been over the years.

Side note: Always store the kayak out of the sun to prevent the plastic from breaking down. I just store mine in my garage and it is as good as the day I bought it.

What year is it? What does something similar cost new. Always offer lower you can always come up.