16' fiberglass Delhi Yankee Rebel

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I am looking for more information on the canoe pictured below. I got it cheap off craigslist a few years ago:


Can anyone tell me anything about it? I've seen Yankee Rebels discussed on the forums, but not by that maker (Delhi) in fiberglass.

It has clearly never had any work done on it as evidenced by the splotchy yellow finish. Is there something I should to to restore it?
Does it have any particularly high value?

The tag says:
Capacity Information
Maximum persons capacity (pounds): 640
maximum weight capacity (personal & gear): 640
Manufacturer: Delhi Mfg. Corp., Delhi, Louisiana
Model: Yankee Rebel
Design Compliance with the following BIA Certification Requirements is verified:
load capacity
basic flotation

Thanks for any expertise and experience you all have to offer.

I have one too
I also have a Delhi-built Yankee rebel. It looks very much like the Sawyer model of the same name, and seems to also have very similar if not the same specs. Mine still has the original shiny yellow paint and is in pretty good shape overall. To answer one of your questions, I would say this is not at all a valuable item; but it can be a perfectly functional canoe. I bought mine because I could get it for the right price, and this particular one was very well cared for.