16' Fiberglass Heritage SOT

A guy around here has a Heritage 16’ fiberglass SOT for sale for $500. He’s not sure what model it is, but it seems that the Nomad was the only model that measured 16’. I’m going to go look at it this weekend. Good price? Impressions?

Wish it was a Shearwater. For $500, I’d buy it today!

I Like the Nomad
Shearwater is faster but the Nomad is easier to use.

Nomad has quite a bit of rocker. It can, like the Shearwater, get blown a bit in the wind, but I’d rather use correcting strokes than have one with a rudder.

The “sponson” design allows an average-weight paddler to paddle on a 23" width waterline, making this kayak pretty fast.

Look for a SMOOTH lay-up and a weight as light as 40 pounds or so. These were well made kayaks which are fun in surf and sun. Nice looking, too. $500 is a great price if in good shape.

BTW, I own the Shearwater and Nomad II, too.

We call Barracuda’s Nomad
Thumper. The water splashing against it makes a loud thumping sound. I took it out on the Great Salt Lake while hauling it back from Wisconsin and it paddled ok, just a bit noisy.

There’s a 14’ footer for sale near me, asking $1,500. I’d go for it if in decent shape.

Please Tell Me Where the 14’ is




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My kevlar Shearwater is up for sale and listed ing the classifieds. $1600 My wife cant keep up with me when I paddle it so I cant use it to its potential. Would be interested in a kevlar Impex Mystic or Gale in trade.