16' Mohawk Advice

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I need some advice ASAP. I have been scavenging Craigslist for the last two months trying to find a canoe and today one popped up a 16' Mohawk for $175. It is 20 years old, absolutely nothing wrong with it just a bit ugly. He is willing to take $150 for it if I can pick it up tomorrow. I have been trying to find reviews on it but it's pretty hard because of the age.

He is retired and able to load it on the truck himself, so that is a big advantage point for me. It is fiberglass. I will be mostly going fishing solo and having my father or friend on once or twice a month. I have absolutely no experience with canoes and need some advice, I have been reading and watching videos for the past month or so.

Should I jump on this price? It comes with life vest and paddles.

A friend paddled a 16’ FG Mohawk on
easy whitewater, and it was fairly durable. Probably it will have no keel, which is good, but you will have to learn to J-stroke to get it to track. For what you want to do, it sounds like a good buy.

It’ll be a fine fishing boat.

Thanks for the quick responses I should be picking it up tomorrow, need to get a bed extender first.

Now that I recall, I borrowed it to
paddle tandem on section 2 of the Chattooga, back about '76. It behaved a lot like a Blue Hole OCA, and their hulls were similar.

good boat
I have one about the same age that I picked up for my son-in-law to use when he wants to go fishing. I’ve had it out a few times and it seems like a good boat, and it’s hard to get a decent boat for the price you are looking at.

Another one

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It was sold before I got there. I found another I am going to go look at tomorrow. Also 16' but they aren't sure the brand it was handed to them. The pictures are terrible quality but maybe someone can figure out what type it is? I am trying to research before I buy.


They are holding it for me. I am willing to pay up to $400 but the least I can get away with the more stuff I can outfit it with. :)

For the price
it looks pretty good. I see flotation at the ends so it may be fiberglass - hard to say from the pictures. I do wonder about the bungees attached to one seat though.