167 Capella

New 167 Capella should be coming out this week - (in the UK)

This will Replace the original Capella “169” -

The 167 was based upon the Capella 161/163. And sized for folks between 180-220 lbs. The XL 173 is the next size - and is for the folks over 200lbs and up. (So a total of 4 sizes in Composite)

Hope to have our first ones in the US - Mid Feb.

Also got fotos of the new Down River Boat from Pyranha, the “Speeder”. 14’ 5" - will be fantastic for all sorts of conditions, and some Whitewater. The Speeder will be in plastic and also feature a Rubber Oval hatch on the Stern. Expect to have them in February as well.

Feel Free to email directly if you have any more specific questions -

Shows one picture of the speeder…gives the length at 17’ 5"

Interesting concept. I’ve been seeing long boats on some of the river trips this summer. I even bought one to try, a Liquid Logic Pisgah. Kind of like in the old old days, all the kayaks were this long. Sure is a change of scenery from the short and thin little play boats we see mostly around here.

I think alot of new paddlers are opting to buy rec kayaks instead of whitewater kayaks. You can pretty much jump in a rec kayak and go…without little training or skill.

I wonder why manufacturers made all the ww boats so short. The old school boats were more stable and had displacement hulls that made it easier to roll.

I wonder if the speeder will be made of plastic or some sort of composite material. It also didn’t say how much it will weigh.

shorter makes playboating easier
not so easy to loop a 11’ boat…then it seems to kind of snowballed into a who can make the shortest boat that is able to paddled…

Speeder is plastic
The Speeder will be in plastic -

Definitely geared toward paddling down river - fast/cruise. But can be used in flat water as well - among other conditions. With the Stern hatch - a boat you can do some river touring as well…

White water boats - we have good range - from the short boats to do all the latest tricks “420” - also some great River Running Boats like the “Burn” - at 8’ - a solid boat for any kind of Whitewater. And then we have some boats that are in the Middle like the Ammo and Recoil.

I think there is a pretty good selection these days - and if you still want an older “Master” with displacement type hull - we have those too…

fun factor
Whitewater boats are shorter because we often have to manouver through, over and under so many objects - including rec boats and/or their swimming paddlers :slight_smile: Advanced whitewater kayak design has made the sport infinitely more fun than it was before - instead of having to punch through waves and holes in order to stay upright, we can now play in them to our heart’s (and skill’s) content.

My first kayak was a Perception Mirage, over 13 ft. of plastic, considered the cat’s meow of whitewater river running at the time. I followed that up with the extremely sporty Perception Dancer, 11.5’ and at least as groundbreaking to whitewater boating.

Today my playboat is 6’7", and my creeker is 8’. Yep, times have changed!

What about creekers?
I’ve noticed on the pyrhana website that you don’t have creekboats listed. You have listed freestyle, free ride and river running as categories. What happened to creek boats? Is pyrhana going to label any of their boats as creek boats? Just curious.

I have a pyrhana micro 230. I love that boat, but it is now leaking pretty bad and I’m thinking of buying a new boat. I just had shoulder surgery and would like an easy boat to roll. Any suggestions?

Pyranha Creeker "M3"
Pyranah has a creeker - “M3” in 2 sizes. It is a continuation of the Micro family -

M3 233

m3 243

also - the burn is an awesome creek boat but a different breed…with edges, much more responsive…

you might want to check out
Wavesport Diesel, a great creek boat/river runner. In all likelihood, the Diesel 65 would be the right model for you.