17' sawyer loon

I currently own two sawyer loons , is the any one that has come up with a simple portage yoke for these boats ? The boats have a large 7’ hatch that has a collar with a outboard flare for the spray skirt . Needs to be simple & storable . Thanks for any help . Rick

i know the kruger boats
Have one, so it seems someone has figured it out.

Ryan L.

The Kruger Sea Winds have seat/yokes
The yoke is on the bottom side of the seat.

Scott Smith at Superior Canoe can, and has, retrofitted Sawyer Loons with his seat, which is very similar to the Krugers.

I used a clamp on yoke for solo canoes.
I shortened it so it was just long enough to allow the clamps to grip the coaming at the location that balanced the boat on my shoulders.

I would slide the yoke on from the front (narrow) end of the cockpit.

This arrangement worked pretty well, but since the coaming is so thin, the clamps occasionally slid a little bit. I never found a better solution.

I sold the Loon after I bought a Mad River Monarch, so I now have the same seat as the Kruger Sea Wind.

Good luck with your solution.