17' Smoker Craft Canoe?

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A few years ago I gave away a 17' smoker craft aluminum canoe(Not sure of the year but probably 70-80's. It was my brothers and had been sitting in my parents yard for years.

I do not know anything about Smoker Crafts or Old Towns. Is the Smoker craft worth replacing?

I am going to replace the canoe. My question is should I replace with the exact boat? Or should I just buy a new Old Town Disc $ 500-600

The canoe will be used on a 800 acre lake and maybe some Ozark Rivers. Current,Jacks Fork, Eleven Point and Buffalo. If he will let me borrow it?

He has 2 kids and a wife now, and I want to replace it this summer.

I have found a 17' smoker craft used for $ 300.
and new Old Town from a box store. $500-600

Im sure it is personal preferece, Any advice would be helpful. Thanks Pete I love the forum

I’d ask your brother
If it was his canoe you gave away, ask him what he’d like. Its possible he might want something abit nicer and could use the money you were gonna spend on a new canoe and toss in some of his own money and get one of higher quality. A new canoe that costs around $500.00 is most likely not the quality you would think it is. Most good canoes costs over a $1000.00 today. The used aluminum is at least quite sturdy whereas the new canoe for $500.00 is probably made of some plastic composite and would damage easily. I hope this advice helps you. Good luck

Just a note about plastic
Plastic canoes, at least those I’ve seen from Old Town, are extremely durable and virtually impossible to damage in normal use. They are, however, quite prone to becoming warped when stored outside in sunshine (though I think Old Town plastic canoes will not warp as much as Coleman, Rogue River, and other ultra-cheap brands). They are also very heavy (of course, aluminum canoes are pretty heavy too).

Sounds like either might be fine…
… but I’d stay with something that’s 17 feet long for family use on a small lake. Kids grow fast, and it isn’t long before a 15- or 16-foot canoe gets pretty small.

Their Royalex canoes won’t warp in
the sun. I can’t speak for their poly sandwich canoes. But I’ve followed the trials and tribulations of Royalex canoes since about 1980, and I’ve never seen one warp in the sun. Royalex is more repairable than the poly sandwich used in the Discovery series, and Royalex is lighter. But there are certain kinds of physical stress that may damage Royalex when OT’s poly sandwich will survive.

That’s correct
I’m assuming that for the price mentioned, the canoe in question is “plastic” (poly-something-er-other), rather than Royalex. I’ve only seen one warped Royalex boat, and that was an old Mad River Guide which clearly had a history of being strapped too tightly to the roof of a car (four-inch depressions at the two strap locations). On the other hand, every “plastic” canoe that gets stored outside that I’ve ever seen has been warped to at least some degree, except for a couple that were quite new.

Smoker craft

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I was hoping to surprise him with a replacement.But giving him the option to upgrade would be nice!
I meant to say Old town Guide Not DISCO wich is more $$
Yes the Old Town (Guide 15'8" $600 80lbs ) I was looking at is 3 layer. Not the Royalex.

I understand if I was spending more money I could get a better canoe. I just want to get him back on the water. ( On a Limited Budget)

Your right kids grow fast. I don't wan't to get a shorter canoe.

Thanks Everyone for all the suggestions.

The most vulnerable time for denting
Royalex is in the first year after manufacture. The Royalex is soft then. I put slight dents in my Royalex Mad River Synergy when it was new, from snugging the cross ropes. Probably if I used straps, there would have been no problem.

I doubt that an old Royalex boat could be dented by tight straps, except perhaps in Death Valley.

Remember one thing…
Aluminum sticks to rocks, plastic slides over them. The Old Town in my opinion would be a better choice. Basically… their stuff lasts and functions well within what it is designed for.

smoker craft
I was wondering about aluminum sticking to rocks. That would be a concern if we take it to the Ozark Streams!!! Thank you

go for a Royalex if you at all possible
… 16’ minimum , 17’ better . I don’t say that because they are usually lighter than the polyetylene canoes (which they are) , but because of the less flexing in the hull , which gives better effciency per stroke .

You shouldn’t have much problem finding a nice Royalex canoe in the 500. range give or take .

In the 70s, folks waxed aluminum
canoes so they would be less sticky when grounding in shoals. But Royalex boats are the quietest and as slippery as anything else you can buy. Also the hull feels cool on hot Ozark summer days.

Thanks for

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all the suggestions.
I just left my brother a message regarding which canoe he wants me replace his with. Hoping to hear back from him soon.

The Royalex canoes sound better and better.

I will keep my eye out for a used Royalex 16-17' long in my price range.

Thanks, pete

yeah man , now you got it …