18 ft Dolphin Brave canoe

I have an 18 ft fiberglass Dolphin Brave canoe, over 35 years old. Some scrapes on the bottom. Not used in over 20 years, but always stored indoors. I do not know for sure, but believe it is fine to put in the water and canoe as is. Any one know what it might be worth? Thanks.

It’s worth depends more than usual on
what that sort of canoe is worth to a buyer to whom it has a unique appeal. Speaking only from my subjective point of view, I would ask $500 and wait until that special buyer comes along.

Randy, I found a few Dolphins for sale
that were in similar condition, and as it happened, the asking prices were in the 450-500-550 range.

Hi, did you ever sell it if you still have it, I would br interested