18' Jensen Canoe

I am about to try to sell a We.no.nah 18’Jenson Kevlar49 tandem canoe It was bought in 1986 and has not been used in about ten years. It has been on a rack under a shed (out of the elements) during this time. A price list of 1984 shows that it sold for $935.00. The dealer tells me that it would now cost $2295.00. Could anyone tell me what a fair asking price would be for this canoe?

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Martha Jones jonesmr@bellsouth.net

Boat Pricing

A fair price would depend on the condition and hull design. If the gel coat is intact and the hull is a decent touring boat then I suspect you could get around $800-900 for it. On the other hand what someone is willing to pay is the true value. Also how interested are you in selling it. I’ve sold many kayaks and usually price them fairly low. The boat is not something I’m using and getting a few extra bucks for it doesn’t mean much to me. I’m more interested in someone getting some joy from it and having the space and excuse to get another boat. Good luck,Frogge.

I would think about $700
Any more than that and I would think a prospective buyer would either want to pay top dollar and get a new boat or pay about 1200 for a four or five year old one.

I think the age factor is against you on that boat.



Price for 18’ Jensen
This is a very desirable canoe and was made in the same PVC core lay-up in 1986 as today. It was also laid up in a cross rib and center rib version in the 80’s. If it is the PVC core bottomed layup with a sliding front seat and a yoke with even the standard aluminum trim; $1000 would not be asking too much. For a cross rib or center rib layup $700 would be a better price. Stored out of the sun in a southern climate under cover, there will be very little deterioration of this hull. If the bottom is not too scraped and the trim is still straight and the seats intact, this is a boat i would have no problem paying $1000 for.

This is a much more desirable hull than may others of its vintage and the Wenonah hulls have shown they age very well. A 20 year old Sawyer or Lincoln or Scott would be worth half what a good Jensen is worth.


Thanks for replying to the 18’ Jemson C
Many thanks to all who replied to my message about pricing the Jensen canoe. I am very grateful, as I would have asked much less than the lowest suggested price.

Martha Jones

I sold one here about 4 years ago
I think we listed it for 1100 with two nice mitchell bent shaft paddles. It was in good condition and we had four offers within 2 days. We let it go to the first offer we received. He paid shipping and insurance from MI to Vermont on top of our price. It’s a desirable hull.


Wait a Minute There, Partner
"A 20 year old Sawyer or Lincoln or Scott would be worth half what a good Jensen is worth."

Perhaps true. I know the Jensen’s a great canoe. However, an old Sawyer Cruiser (almost any Sawyer) in Kevlar in great shape is worth that $1000, too…