18’ White Old Town

Hello everyone. I inherited this canoe several years ago. It used to belong to my wife’s grandfather. He used to guide down the Allagash years ago with it. It has the balsa core in the bottom.
It needs a little bit of fiberglass love. I also have a new stern seat to install.
I have over 10 years experience working in a high end Yacht company, so the repairs will be very easy for me.
It has a hull ID number of NH080594M80J

That serial number does not come back with a manufacturer. It says there is no manufacturer code that matches NH0. I also tried NHO. If it were an Old Town in 1980, it should begin with XTC

I did some rubbing on the HID. Turns out that the first 3 are WHC. That eases my confusion lol. It is a Guide model made in 1980. Thanks for helping