18'6" Sawyer

Does anyone have any info if Sawyer made one, or where I could find info?


Sawyer 18’6 bottoms

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Sawyer made several 18 1/2 ft hulls: the Super, Champ 1, Champ 2 and Legend come to immediate mind, as do Charger and 222 Cruiser.

Super was a pro boat that, when high sided, made an excellent tripper for the early 70's. The Champs were USCA cruiser hulls, so, while slower than Super were also less seaworthy. Legend was a later David Yost USCA Cruiser design. A neat bottom.

The Charger and 222 Cruiser were ACA long class downriver racers.

A number and some dimensions would help.

1. Is their a unique stern shape from sideview?
2. What is maximum center width and center rail width?
3. What is the 12 digit USCG Mfg code on the right stern under the rail?