1914 Old Town Livery Canoe Project

@Andy_Szymczak by request, here she is in the 1930s, my actual canoe at Hack’s Canoe Retreat in Mt. Holly, New Jersey as a rental canoe. It’s a wonder she survived at all.

As found in 2004 when I purchased her.

In her current state, awaiting repairs and new skin.

More photos later on. I need to finish the bulk of repairs on my aluminum canoe before January, which is when I plan on completing the wood repairs on the Old Town.

Very cool, thanks!

Realy cool We too have a livery canoe and it is circa 1910 JR Robertson… Those old canoes are far from delicate

Wow. Looks like it’s had a number of repairs in the past too. Anyway, how nice that such a boat will be put back into good shape.

It did have a number of repairs, and if they’re still solid, I’m leaving them. Rather than restore this boat, which would really be a total rebuild, I intend on repairing it in the spirit of Hack’s Canoe Retreat, by replacing only what is absolutely necessary, like rotted wood and of course, the skin.