1960 Pioneer sailing folboat

I just purchased a 17’ Pioneer sailing kayak (tandem Yawl).
Mussing the Lee-board holder and 2 wooden rods snapped but otherwise it is in excellent condition.
Anyone know anything about these SoF kayaks? And where I can get an assemble book?
Anything I should know?

Have you posted on the Folding Kayaks forums?


You are more apt to find owners of Pionier folders there. In fact there was an exchange about a sailing Pionier earlier this year. Rainier, from Germany, seems to be quite an expert on them::


If you register on the site (costs nothing and they don’t share your information) you might contact the Pionier owners that responded. By the way, the correct spelling is Pionier, not Pioneer (I believe the company is/was German) which should help if you are doing web searches for information on the boat and parts.

You are correct.
Once I realized that I was being dyslexic again and reread the booklet, I found youtube vids, all in German and their website, also in German.

Not dyslexic, it’s just the German spelling. There are translation services.

I am still waiting for my registration request to be accepted by FoldingKayaks.
I hope t learn a lot from them.

Huh, I didn’t know they had a delay on enrolling. That must be fairly recent --perhaps they started having trouble with spammers and trolls.

Tried to reregister. Still waiting to hear.
I rebuilt all the missing parts, repaired the struts. Converted it from a folbot to a SoF because the canvas was too old to remove.
Now am waiting for payday so I can add a few cleats to hold the lee-boards up. I would love to match the brass ones in place but those are old German so finding a match is a bear.