1964 Vtg Flobot 2 person Kayak question

Hello: Just came about a very pristine 1960s Vintage Flobot 2 person wooden frame Kayak…want to preserve it…any info on this would be great also it used to have a sail…anyone know where to get one?

I am also looking to sell it…

Is this the one on the Lehigh Valley Craigslist?

The Folding kayaks owners site has a section with information about Folbots and also classified ads for buying and selling the boats and components.


Don’t want to disillusion you, but the vintage ones typically do not bring a whole lot of money unless they are in exceptional condition. But you will find out everything you need to know over there.

Ask them

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Didn't read it for long time since my interest in folding kayaks have dropped; still own one, not by Folbot though. Old wooden frame Folbots (and most of other old folding kayaks) are not really collector items. Don't want to guess on the price, but I suspect that even in a very good condition it won't cost more than a current Folbot tandem GII. People at the forum might tell you more.

These guys might shed some light too: