1972 17' Grumman value

My friend has a 1972 Grumman 17’ standard weight canoe he would like to sell. I would like to buy it for a fair price. Can someone tell me what a fair price would be or where to look on line? In very good shape, no dents, doesn’t leak and few minor scratches. Second question, what is the weight of this model?

My guess?
$200 - $250?

Last year when the Aluminum Nationals
werer held in this neck of the woods I would have paid up to $300 for it.

There is going to be a big demand for them around Austin Texas this summer for the nationals , but anywhere else, there is no demand.

If he is a good friend, he should sell it to you for $200

jack L

Assuming all now is the same as then, and I believe it is in this case, 75 pounds.


Lightweight Grumman
I have a lightweight version of a 17 foot Grumman hanging in my garage that I bought in 1973. It is made with thinner than normal gauge aluminum, with several extra ribs for stiffening. It is claimed to weigh 60 pounds, vs 75 pounds for the standard weight model. I don’t think they make it anymore.

I learned a lot about paddling during those first few years of paddling that canoe, both while solo and with a family including wife, two kids and a dog fully loaded for camping. I have plenty of solo camping memories handling that thing alone packed heavy on big windy lakes. Sure makes for a steep but effective learning curve. She’s traveled many miles but was never abused, it has no dents or any kind of damage. It hasn’t seen water in many years, but I wouldn’t part with it.