1973 Old Town

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I have recently decided I want to get into canoeing!

I did a little canoeing in my younger days.

I have been drooling over all the beautiful canoes available these days, trying to decide what would be best for me. I'm thinking a solo like a Northstar, North Wind solo would be nice. But my funds are limited and I don't want to jump in too deep too fast so, today I saw an Old Town on craigslist for $200. I went to look at it and it is in excellent shape just a few minor scuffs on the bottom. So I bought it!

It is a 1973, 43 yrs old and still looking good! It is some type of plastic, Royalex maybe? It is just under 14 feet long and 34" wide at the gunnels in the center.

There doesn't seen to be anything saying what model this is, so I was wondering if someone might know. It has whiteish plastic seats that set up high, and it seems to be pretty heavy, not a boat you want to be portaging alone!

I'm thinking I may modify it for solo paddling with a center seat to see if I like it before I spend $2000+ for the canoe I really want.

If anyone could give me any info on this Old, Old Town I would appreciate it.


Oh! It also came with 2 Old Town paddles that look like they are as old as the canoe, however in pristine condition. They are rather narrow, one piece of solid wood, unlike most wood paddles that are glued up of different colors and types of wood.

Jim - jhm757

Number stamped below gunwhale at stern…call Old Town…they can ID

Not sure of the model of yours
But, I have two old town trippers both from appox. 1978/79. They are beat to heck from having been taken to many wild places with heavy loads of gear year after year. They always got me home safe. Great canoes. Enjoy your canoe.

I called old town. They had all the info, when it was made - Jan. 1973, color - red, Royalex, where it was shipped to originally and the model - 14’ Chipewyan.

Jim - jhm757

Try and get some instruction on solo
paddling in the center of the canoe. Otherwise it may seem frustrating and mysterious, with much switching of hands. Later you can buy a canoe that is more solo-friendly.

I have been reading and watching
A lot of videos about solo paddling, and I am a fast learner, this canoe is not anywhere near what I want, too wide and slow, but it will get me out on the water where I can gain some experience before I spend the big money on what I really want!

Another plus is I don’t think I could hurt this heavy Royalex beast, and if I do I’m only out $200 bucks.

Jim - jhm757