1974 White Canoe Company Canoe

In September 1976 I bought a used canoe from a teacher in Maine who guided adventure trips in Maine in the summer months. It is 18.5 feet of layed up fiberglass with a balsa core bottom, mahogany gunnels and deck and ash seats. I still have it and would like to sell it but I thought I would get info on it first. My bill of sale matches the hull number which is WCC88018M74F. Any ides of what model this would be? Thanks

Picture would help.
I might even be interested depending on condition etc. But in any event - a picture would do the trick.

If it is symmetrical and has recurved ends I think it would be their Guide model. Although I think that was listed as 18’3" long. They also made the Lighting which would have been 18’6" long and asymmetrical with plumb ends but I don’t think they were making the Lighting in that time frame but I have missed placed my data from that era so this is coming from memory which could be sketchy


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When I figure how to link a photo to this site I will post it. Thanks

Canoe pics
See if this works for pics. http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/28134962_zD6VHb

White canoe
Paddletothesea, do you know this one?

model name?
Anyone have an idea?

I am going with Guide


Don’t know…
…what it is, but I like it. Nice lines.

I would go with the Guide model. I actually have a White they made for me in 1980’ish timeframe. I notice yours has the old logo on it, really dates the boat, in their later years it was a scrolly ‘White’ logo centered on the side.

Interesting about the balsa base. They actually had two layups and they would ask when you ordered the boat what you were using it for. If it was whitewater it was a something like 5 layers of cloth on the sides and 7 on the bottom. If it was touring it was maybe 3 & 5? something like that. Balsa was typical for the river runners.

White was a great hometown company. Too bad the White-Old Town thing couldn’t have worked out better.

BTW: the seats look in great shape.

Love the decks.

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The whole package speaks old-school quality to me.

White canoe
I very much appreciate all of your information. I have used it on Maine and Maryland lakes, ponds in Connecticut, and slow rivers in Maryland. It is so stable, I felt very comfortable putting my wife, me, 3 kids and gear for day trips in the craft. It has a keel of sorts that is so effective, raising paddles in the wind gives a very effective forward motion. It shows its use on the Allagash (some scrapes and FG repairs) but is still a sound and sturdy boat. The lines are beautiful to my eye. It is in Maryland now; maybe I’ll have to take it for a trip down the Susquehanna in PA, and maybe interest my kids and grandkids.

White canoe
As in EM White? One of the classic canoe lines of all time. Talk to Rollin Thurlow or Jerry Stelmok at Island Falls Canoe.