1975 Lincoln Canoe restoration. Looking for info

I’m looking for any help from anyone that might have any info for me. I did hear back from Lincoln but they say their records only go back to 2009 when current owners took over.

I live in Pine Beach, NJ. My family has been here since before it was even officially a town LOL. Only telling you that for relevance later in the story…

So, I was looking for another canoe lighter than my Disco 174 that I could more easily load and unload on my truck by myself. I was looking on Facebook Marketplace and found a listing for a 16’ Lincoln canoe. It was about 45 minutes away from me. I went to look at it and see how light it was. In looking up the HIN I found it to be made in 1975, that also happens to be my year of birth. I thought that was pretty cool. She looks great for 48 years old! As I looked it over I see a label that the person selling it tells me that they think that’s the original owner that his father had bought it from. That label had an address of Pine Beach, NJ! The address is just 2 blocks from where I currently live! Well, after those two things and that the weight is easily 1/2 the weight of my Disco… she followed me home!

I posted the story on our local town FB group page and people knew the family and put me in contact with them and they were thrilled to hear she was still going to be used and loved after all these years and even sent me a picture.

I am attaching screenshots and some pictures. I will be documenting the story and what I am doing to the canoe on my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@LivingYankeeFree and I thought having as much info as I could find out about it would really help.

I did find 3 possible models… FS16 CONCO, LON157 and just FS16

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might be able to give me.